Sysco Celebrates Launch of First Electric Vehicle Hub

Sysco has celebrated the launch of its first Electric Vehicle Hub in Riverside, CA, as part of its work to facilitate a cleaner, quieter delivery experience through fleet electrification.

“This is not just Sysco’s first electric vehicle hub of its type. This is the first on the planet,” said Marie Robinson, EVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer at Sysco.

The hub allows for up to 120 vehicles to charge. Vehicles include 32-foot refrigerated trailers with three different temperature compartments to keep food safe while being transported, all powered by electric energy.

“This doesn’t just happen. There’s a ton of people at Sysco at the site and across the entire organization that need to make this happen and a lot of partnership across many, many partners and government officials to bring this to life,” said Neil Russell, Chief Administrative Officer at Sysco.

Watch the video below and on LinkedIn.