The Role of the Accessibility Leader

In an age where credibility and accountability around diversity, equity and inclusion is paramount to business success and acceptance from consumers, whether your business is meeting modern accessibility standards says something about the business itself. Like all efforts related to diversity, accessibility requires accountability and leadership to be done effectively.

For some companies, this has meant appointing an accessibility leader. For others, this means training leaders across numerous departments on accessibility standards and how their teams can support it. These leaders do not have to be accessibility experts, but rather simply understand how the work of their teams supports accessibility and what parts of the accessibility workload they need to be held accountable for.

In a sense, most people across the organization are responsible for accessibility in some way, but leadership around accessibility is still vital to it becoming integrated into company culture and the way the organization innovates. As more companies realize this, more Chief Accessibility Officer jobs are popping up and taking accessibility beyond the DEI or HR offices and into all parts of what the company does.

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