Women Retreating from the Workforce in Record Numbers; 22 More Reasons to Vote in November; and More

Women leaving workforce in record numbers due to COVID-19.

Millions of women are changing their careers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, either drastically cutting back on the hours they work or retiring completely, the Daily Mail reports. The data comes in part from a survey of 40,000 women conducted by the equality organization Lean In. Just how bad is the problem? According to Lean In’s data, “One in four women are considering downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce [entirely] due to COVID-19.” For those attempting to continue to work, the job market remains incredibly stark, with unemployment for Black and Latinx women still clocking in at above 10%, according to Bloomberg.


Twenty-two more reasons to make sure you vote in November.

Ms. magazine has compiled a list of the major 2020 ballot initiatives challenging the rights of women, people of color, voters, workers and LGBTQ people this Election Day. Among the most pressing: propositions and amendments that would limit access to abortion in Colorado and Louisiana; improved voting rights for 17-year-olds and former felons in California; an increase in the state minimum wage in Florida; the implementation of gender-neutral language in the Utah state constitution; and approval for negotiations moving towards statehood for Puerto Rico.


#ProudBoys trending on Twitter — but not for the reason you’d think.

The white supremacist group Proud Boys is furious after LGBTQ+ activists reclaimed their name on social media over the weekend, Forbes reports. After Trump called out the racist organization in the first 2020 Presidential debate, legendary Star Trek actor and activist George Takei proposed the idea of taking back the term, which has obvious connections to the Pride movement. Since then, thousands of individuals have taken him up on it, posting pictures of men kissing, getting married, reminiscing over their relationships and celebrating love — all with the hashtag #ProudBoys. “We’re proud of all the gay folks who have stepped up to reclaim our pride,” Takei later tweeted. “Our community and allies answered hate with love.” The post has since received nearly 100,000 likes. 


Big Pharma fights back against Trump’s racism.

Axios reports that Stephen Ubl, CEO of the trade group Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) is speaking out against the President’s recent attack on diversity training within companies that hold government contracts (including many top drug companies which are currently working to develop a COVID-19 vaccine). According to Ubl, “improper bureaucratic hurdles and restrictions on speech [jeopardize] meaningful dialogue on the values for which this nation stands.” He added: “Our companies have committed to pushing for necessary, positive and long-term change to better address the needs of diverse communities. Diversity is essential to a robust innovation ecosystem that can create new medicines for those who need them.”


College athletes continue sports world’s ongoing fight for inclusion and tolerance.

When the Duke men’s basketball team took the court last week, there was one notable change to their uniforms: the word “Equality” was emblazoned under each players’ team number. The move follows similar statements from a number of teams across the country including players at Clemson and Syracuse who also recently pasted terms like “Love,” “Together,” “Unity” and “Enough” over their names on their jerseys before taking the field. Earlier this summer, the NCAA adjusted its rules over uniforms within all sports and began allowing athletes to wear patches as a means to show support for social justice movements.


Are you registered to vote? Vote.org provides a number of resources for voters including a state-by-state rundown of important dates and regulations to know, plus information on registering to vote, how to successfully vote by mail and more. For more info, go to vote.org.



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