DiversityInc Top 50 Data Security Policy and Procedures

Data Storage

The web-based survey tool, statistical analysis tools and all data submissions are on three separate dedicated servers at a leading IT company that deploys a multilayered physical security approach. Company-submitted data is retained for year-to-year aggregate trending information.

Access to Data at DiversityInc

Administrative access is limited to select Fair360 employees on a need-to-know basis and credentials are changed every 30 days.

Confidentiality Agreements

Because of the volume of participants, we will not sign individual confidentiality agreements. This published statement applies to all companies submitting data.

Subpoenas and Lawsuits

The DiversityInc Top 50 survey is an editorial process and, therefore, is subject to state laws on source confidentiality. Fair360 is headquartered in Florida which has well-established shield laws to protect source privacy. In the 21 years we have been managing the survey, we have never agreed to cooperate with a lawsuit. If subpoenaed, we will protect your confidential data to the fullest extent permitted by law and provide you prior notice of any disclosures unless prohibited by law.


How Top 50 Survey Data is Analyzed

We use cloud-based survey and statistical analysis software and have developed algorithms to evaluate and analyze the data we collect. The evaluation is metrics-driven. We measure respondents’ answers based on their assessment against other organizations with similar workforces. To read more about our methodology, click here.


Credibility of Submission 

We require the CEO, CHRO or another corporate officer to sign every submission (notarized). This applies to all companies and organizations.


EEO-1 Information 

We give extra credit to companies that either send us a link to public disclosure of their EEO-1 numbers or send us the information separately. We will not publish EEO-1 data. The EEO-1 data will be compared with the DiversityInc submission.

We only publish information about companies that make the DiversityInc Top 50 list or one of our Specialty Lists. Any information that is shared is positive and does not disclose human capital, supplier diversity, and/or philanthropy spend-related data.

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