Health Equity Series

Fair360’s Health Equity Series features a range of white papers, articles and other content types focusing on healthcare disparities and solutions among diverse communities, including Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Black Americans, women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Health Equity Series Calendar

Sept. 15-Oct. 15, 2024: Hispanic Heritage Month

White Paper/Case Study: Barriers and Solutions to Healthcare Equity Among Hispanic Americans 

This article will articulate the healthcare disparities among Hispanic Americans and feature case studies among member companies who have found solutions. According to Pew Research, Hispanic Americans are less likely than other Americans to have health insurance and to receive preventative medical care. Language and cultural barriers, as well as higher levels of poverty among recent immigrants, are among the social and economic dynamics that contribute to disparate health outcomes for Hispanic Americans. The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark illustration of health disparities: Hispanic Americans are far more likely than white Americans to have been hospitalized or died because of the coronavirus. 

November 2024: Native American Heritage Month

White Paper/Case Study: Barriers and Solutions to Healthcare Equity Among Native Americans

This article will provide a summary of the healthcare disparities among Native Americans. We will highlight how member companies have addressed healthcare disparities. Common issues, according to the Office of Minority Health, are mental health and suicide, unintentional injuries, obesity, substance use, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), teenage pregnancy, diabetes, liver disease and hepatitis. 

February 2025: Black History Month

White Paper/Case Study: Barriers and Solutions to Healthcare Equity Among Black Americans

This article will highlight the healthcare disparities among Black Americans and share solutions that member companies have taken/could take to bring about change. According to the Center for Black Health & Equity, Black Americans carry the highest burden of death for many of the country’s most fatal diseases. Approximately 45,000 Black Americans will die from a smoking-related disease this year, and Black Americans are still more likely to die from cancer than any other ethnic group. Additionally, Black Americans continue to account for nearly half of all new HIV cases.

March 2025: Women’s History Month

White Paper/Case Study: Addressing Menopause at Work 

Women’s health articles often focus on reproductive issues—good maternity care and paid leave, for instance. This article will explore the once “taboo” subject of menopause and how companies can support menopause-age women (who account for 30% of the workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). More companies are forming support groups and talking openly about the topic.

May 2025: Mental Health Awareness Month

White Paper/Case Study: The Intersection of Mental Health Among Marginalized Groups 

This article will focus on how organizations can support the mental health of their employees, particularly those who are not the majority. According to the American Psychological Association, Black and Hispanic employees are less likely to feel a sense of community and belonging at work compared to their peers. Similarly, many employees belonging to one or more underrepresented groups report feeling unsupported in the workplace because of their identity. These feelings are especially pronounced among racial minorities and LGBTQ+ employees.

June: LGBTQ+ Pride Month

White Paper/Case Study: Common Health Issues and Misconceptions about the LGBTQ+ Community

This article will highlight some of the common health issues among the LGBTQ+ community and the steps companies can take to ensure equality. It will cover issues associated with mental health, substance abuse and AIDs/HIV, while exploring common misconceptions among healthcare providers and the public.