50 Cent: Starz Show “Power” Overlooked for Emmy Because of Predominantly Black Cast

During a panel discussion Friday at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, rapper and producer 50 Cent said that the popular Starz series “Power” has been overlooked for an Emmy because of its predominantly Black cast, according to the Associated Press.

“I like to say it’s racial. That’s the easy way to get out of things,” 50 Cent said. “People who are running and connected to these ceremonies are not necessarily cool people.”

In response on stage, “Power” creator Courtney Kemp sarcastically said, “So now, we’ll never get one.” Kemp also said that the Emmy snubs were “disappointing” but that it has gotten a lot of attention and recognition from its “core audience,” including the NAACP Image Awards.

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“I thought we were doing something new and fresh,” Kemp said. “I was hoping that the Emmy voters would take notice, and they didn’t. You just accept it and move on. But we’ve been winning Image Awards now for quite some time. It feels as though our core audience does love and respect the show. Not every show gets the attention it deserves.”

“Power” will air its sixth and final season in two parts, the Associated Press reported. The first half, which has 10 episodes, will begin as previously announced on Aug. 25. The concluding five episodes will start airing in January.

50 Cent likened “Power” being overlooked for an Emmy to his music career. He said he had experienced being overlooked, particularly with his first album in 2003, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”.

“This project is the same material I used for my music,” he said. “I didn’t receive an award for best new artist when I had the largest debut for a hip-hop album. I sold more records for a first album today. I look at it the same. I’m going to make the numbers. The viewership before we’re done with it, they’ll be looking around saying ‘Yeah, we (expletive) up again.’”


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