CEOs Speak Out Against Billionaire’s Derogatory Comments at Secretive Conference

The Tiburon CEO Summit is one of the most prestigious conferences like it for wealth management CEOs. It’s also very secretive — the summit has a privacy policy that is meant to keep information that speakers say from going public. But at least three CEOs who paid the $25,000 to attend broke the rules of the summit in order to call out billionaire Ken Fisher for derogatory comments about women made during a speaker panel.

As soon as Fisher’s session began, he started making crude, inappropriate remarks, including comparing his wealth management strategy to picking up women for sex, the Washington Post reported.

Fisher also talked about dropping acid, genitalia, sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his belief that charities are immoral.

At least three CEOs couldn’t stay quiet and went public with their disgust. Because of that, Fisher apologized and will never again be invited to speak at the Tiburon CEO Summit.

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“I chose to speak out because maintaining a culture of silence around harassment and assault protects those who abuse their power, which then further marginalizes underrepresented groups,” Sonya Dreizler, a speaker and consultant to financial services firms, told The Post.

Rachel Robasciotti, founder and CEO of wealth management firm Robasciotti and Philipson in San Francisco, told The Post that publicly coming out against Fisher was “at great personal risk to my career. If we want things to be different, we have to be different. And that means not condoning that kind of behavior.”

Chip Roame, managing partner at Tiburon Strategic Advisors, moderated the discussion with Fisher but did not stop Fisher from making the crude comments, and only apologized after everything went public.

“These comments lacked the dignity & respect that should be expected by any Tiburon CEO Summit speaker or attendee,” Roame told the Post. “These were unacceptable words at Tiburon, in the wealth & investments industry, and in society generally.”