Fair360 Announces The 2021 Top 50 Companies for Diversity List

On Thursday, May 6, Fair360, formerly DiversityInc announced our annual list of the Top 50 Companies for Diversity. This highly influential and well-regarded ranking of diversity and inclusion practices in corporate America is not just a vitally important benchmark of how the largest employers in our country are doing when it comes to hiring, but it’s also our chance to celebrate the companies that are doing the best when it comes to creating and retaining a diverse workforce; enacting fair and equitable measures for their employees; supporting diverse vendors; and creating an environment where leaders are held accountable for their daily actions and encouraged to promote equality on all levels. 

This year also marked the 20th anniversary of the Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 list. When our list began in 2001, the world was a very different place. We’d never had a Black president. We’d never had a female vice president. We didn’t know what COVID-19 was. We had no idea what the Black Lives Matter Movement would become. The one thing we did know all the way back in 2001 was that America had a diversity problem. Business leadership was too male and too white and there weren’t enough diverse voices being invited into the conversation. 

A lot has changed since then. But as the societal push for equal rights and social reform throughout the summer of 2020 has taught us, we still have a lot of work to do. That’s why celebrating the companies that made their way onto our list this year continues to be so important. 

This year, more than 1,800 companies submitted materials for consideration in our competition. Using the data they provided and measuring their performance in a number of human capital diversity metrics, including leadership accountability, talent programs, workplace practices, supplier diversity efforts and overall corporate philanthropy, we put together our annual rankings. Here are the companies that made the cut on the 2021 Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 companies for Diversity list:


  1. Kohl’s

Our Top 50 for 2021 kicks off with a new entry: joining our ranking this year is Kohl’s, the largest department store chain in America. Founded in 1927 by Polish immigrant Maxwell Kohl as a corner grocery store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there are now more than 1,100 stores spread across every state in the continental U.S. 

“As a large company — and one that serves millions of families from diverse backgrounds — Kohl’s acknowledges pervasive injustices in the country and has committed to actions and behaviors that will help to make our company, stores and the world a better place,” said CEO Michelle Gass. “While we know there is much more to do, we are driven by the progress we have made and the promise of more to come.”


  1. AstraZeneca

Coming in at No. 49 is the multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company AstraZeneca. Following a tumultuous year in which all eyes were focused on the ongoing pandemic, AstraZeneca repeatedly made headlines as one of the companies helping to fight COVID-19 and bring us back to our “normal” lives. In addition to creating one of the several approved vaccines to combat the novel coronavirus, AstraZeneca has continued its life-saving mission of producing powerful and innovative medicines that are used by millions of individuals worldwide.


  1. American Family Insurance

New to the Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 list this year is American Family Insurance. Founded in 1927, the 94-year-old company said it has an unwavering commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion — and the data they submitted to our competition shows this is true. The company’s CEO, Jack Salzwedel, who has helmed the company for the last decade, said that creating and fostering an inclusive culture is not just the right thing to do for the company’s agency owners, employees, customers and the community as a whole — it also helps them to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.


  1. McCormick & Company

Diversity just tastes right for our No. 47 entry on this year’s list, McCormick & Company. This multinational food giant manufactures, markets and distributes many of the country’s leading spices, seasoning mixes, condiments and other food products. Outside the kitchen, the company is just as successful with a stellar diversity and inclusion program that helps to keep its workforce just as diverse as the spices they produce.



  1. Aramark

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Aramark is a customer service-based business that organizes food-service operations and helps manage facilities. Aramark provides uniform services for a vast number of hard-working men and women and is committed to serving people whether they are on the job, learning, recovering or playing. Aramark is also committed to a diverse and inclusive environment, with a management and operational leadership team that is made up of approximately 56% women and is 57% racial/ethnic diverse. Not bad for a company with 280,000 team members serving millions of people in 19 countries around the globe every day.


  1. Raytheon Technologies

Debuting at No. 46 on our list this year is Raytheon Technologies. The multinational aerospace and defense conglomerate headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts is one of the largest aerospace, intelligence services providers and defense manufacturers in the world — and also a shining example of how diversity programs can pay off within every industry. As Raytheon boasts on its website: “When we embrace diversity in all its forms, we fuel opportunities for our employees, customers, suppliers and communities.”


  1. Colgate-Palmolive

Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, the 215-year-old company founded in 1806 for household personal care products strives to be a caring, innovative growth company that is reimagining a healthier future for all people, their pets and the planet. Colgate-Palmolive is also committed to being a leader in global diversity, equity and inclusion, vowing to help its customers, consumers, shareholders, industry peers and the global community as a whole always feel welcome, included and — most of all —to always be their true and authentic self.


  1. Stellantis

Also new to our list this year is Stellantis. This multinational automotive manufacturer, which began when Italy’s Fiat Chrysler Automobiles merged with the French PSA Group, is a relatively new company formed just a few short months ago. But that merger has already made Stellantis one of the largest automakers in the world with more than 400,000 employees, an employment presence in more than 130 countries and manufacturing facilities in more than 30 countries. And with a leadership team that has so far shown a distinct and committed focus to D&I, they’re definitely starting their history on our list with one foot pushed down firmly on the accelerator.


  1. Allstate Insurance Company

At Allstate, a diverse workforce means different backgrounds, ideas and perspectives are continuously brought to the table, leading to increasingly innovative solutions for customers. In addition to its company-wide diversity program that is designed to improve recruiting and hiring practices and identify and eliminate unconscious bias in all forms, Allstate is also a leader in corporate commitment to diversity. Among its many philanthropic efforts, the company is a founding member of OneTen, a corporate coalition focusing on upskilling, hiring and promoting 1 million Black Americans over the next decade. 


  1. United Airlines

Soaring five spots up on our Top 50 this year is the Chicago-based United Airlines. According to the airline leader, “Over the past decade, our focus has evolved from excellence in employee engagement and talent programs to a strategic approach that embeds diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our business and goes even further to impact the communities where we work, live and fly.” Among its many industry-leading firsts, United was the first airline to have a Hispanic CEO; the first U.S. airline to have a female chairperson; the first major airline to have a Black president; and was also the first airline to offer nonbinary booking options for its passengers.


  1. Ally Financial

Breaking onto our list at No. 40, we’re pleased to welcome Ally Financial to the Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50. Ally was on our noteworthy company list last year and the jump for the Detroit-based bank holding company is well-deserved. Ally CEO Jeffrey Brown is committed to leading a company that is “united by our differences.” He’s pledged his support for the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion initiative to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Brown has also led a company that proudly sticks to those goals, with a workforce that’s 50% female and more than 35% nonwhite.


  1. Walgreens

Also new to our list this year is Walgreens, the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the U.S. with more than 9,000 stories and 225,000 employees. Founded in 1901 and based in Deerfield, Illinois, the company isn’t just “at the corner of happy and healthy” when it comes to medicine and pharmaceuticals, it’s also an ardent champion of diversity, inclusion and social responsibility, helping in the fight against poverty, food insecurity and a lack of good quality education. Walgreens is also a staunch supporter of data transparency, not only to help meet its diversity goals, but to also hold leaders accountable for their efforts in those areas.


  1. General Motors

Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan and founded all the way back in 1908 by William C. Durant, a pioneer in the then-emerging auto industry, General Motors is the largest automobile manufacturer in America today and one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers overall. As the company’s CEO, Mary Barra told Fair360, formerly DiversityInc last year, “We understand that we win together, as one team. Just like the global community we share, diversity makes GM a stronger, better company.”


  1. AIG

Moving up one spot from last year is the American International Group, Inc., better known as AIG. This multinational finance and insurance corporation has operations in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions. Equally impressive: it also boasts over 130 different employee resource groups, offers a regular series of “Courageous Conversations” designed to help employees learn about unconscious bias, systemic racism and standing as allies with their colleagues; and allows each of its employees to take up to 24 extra PTO hours a year for volunteering, providing the opportunity for an extra day of service specifically focused on diversity, equity and inclusion causes.

  1.  Centene Corporation

Jumping a massive 13 spots from last year is the Centene Corporation. As a healthcare insurer that focuses on managed care for uninsured, underinsured and low-income individuals, it makes sense that diversity and inclusion would be of particular interest to the company. Nearly 50% of Centene employees identify as people of color, including 36% at supervisor-or-above levels. Women represent 75% of the company’s workforce and 64% of employees in supervisory positions. As the company told us, “We continually strive to embrace and respect the unique experiences each employee brings to work every day.”


  1. Moody’s Corporation

Also making a big jump up from the 2020 list is bond credit rating business Moody’s. Founded by John Moody in 1909, Moody’s is a pioneer and leader in the investment world. They’re also a consistent leader in D&I. The company’s CEO Rob Fauber told us, “We believe remaining true to our values means standing unequivocally with the Black community against racism and inequality. We have committed $1 million to promote equal justice for Black communities and continually seek to support racial justice initiatives and organizations.” He also added that in order for the company to succeed, and for the investments it recommends to pay off, “we need to be inclusive — and to be truly inclusive, we must prioritize DE&I, whether in our workplace, the community or the financial services industry.”


  1. Ecolab

Up five slots from last year is Ecolab, the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services. As a company, Ecolab is committed to helping their customers around the world advance food safety, maintain clean and safe environments, optimize water and energy use, improve operational efficiencies and achieve sustainability goals. As Christophe Beck, the company’s CEO told us, “We know that diversity and inclusion are vital to our long-term growth and success. When our team is diverse and everyone can contribute, innovation flourishes and our business thrives.”


  1. Cigna

Bounding nine spots up our ranking this year is Cigna, the managed healthcare and insurance company based in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Cigna said its mission as a global entity is to improve the health, well-being and peace of mind of those it serves by making health care simple, affordable and predictable. Cigna said, “As a company, we believe that diversity is more than what is on the outside and that we grow stronger from different perspectives and experiences.” Employing more than 70,000 individuals, Cigna also strives to take an expansive view of diversity, including race; ethnicity; nationality; gender; veteran status; ability; preferred language; work style; generation; sexual orientation; and gender identity to ensure that as many different cultures, beliefs and values as possible are represented within its workforce.


  1. Cox Communications

A leader in digital cable television, telecommunications and home automation services, diversity and inclusion are woven into everything Southern Company does, according to its President, Pat Esser. “Diversity and inclusion has been at the core of Cox Communications’ mission and values for more than 50 years. I’m proud of the work we continue to do to foster diversity with our people, customers, suppliers and in the community.” The Atlanta-based company’s main business goals are centered around four key pillars — People, Communities, Customers, Suppliers — and Esser said the company strives to ensure that diversity and inclusion remain a central focus of each because it is the overall key to their success.


  1. The Kellogg Company

A staple in American homes and the literal face of breakfast for many families every morning, The Kellogg Company moves up three spots on this year’s list. Based in Battle Creek, Michigan and founded in 1906, Kellogg’s is one of the country’s leading food manufacturers. It’s also a leader in the field of diversity and inclusion. “Across our company, we’re working hard to make sure that our business practices deliver benefits to people, our communities and the planet,” said Steve Cahillane, the company’s Chairman and CEO. “Our long-standing belief in the importance of diversity and inclusion reflects this commitment.”


  1. Randstad

Moving up seven spots on our Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 this year is the human resource consulting firm, Randstad. “Randstad U.S. has long been committed to promoting initiatives that improve workplace diversity and foster a culture where differences are not only understood but valued and celebrated,” said the company’s North America CEO, Karen Fichuk. “We are honored to once again earn a spot on this year’s list as we continue to invest in diversity, equity and inclusion within our company, with our clients and in society. After all, a company’s ability to find the best and brightest — and advance and retain them equitably — is a decisive competitive advantage.”


  1. Target

The eighth-largest retailer in the United States with more than 1,800 stores across the country, Target is not just beloved by much of America but was also one of the key big-box retailers that helped us all get through lockdowns during 2020. As for diversity and inclusion, it’s also a role model in efficiency, with a regular system of three-year plans designed to bring about quick and lasting change. Based on that ongoing strategy, the company has been able to hit a number of key goals, including more than doubling promotions of women of color. In the last year, Target spent almost $1.5 billion with diverse suppliers and has also committed to another $2 billion with Black-owned businesses by 2025. 


  1. Capital One Financial Corporation

Leaping an incredible 22 spots up our list this year — the biggest jump of the year — is the finance giant Capital One. Specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking and savings accounts, Capital One is not only known for being a master of financial matters but also of diversity and inclusion strategies that work. “Our associates bring a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences to our company,” said CEO Rich Fairbank. “Diversity in all of its forms, coupled with our culture of belonging, will remain a foundational part of who we are and how we work.” Based on the company’s ever-expanding workforce of more than 50,000 and its remarkable jump on our Top 50, Capital One’s strategy appears to be paying off.


  1. Sanofi U.S.

Inching up one spot from last year is pharmaceutical company Sanofi. A leader in the production of many drugs, including some of the top brands used for the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, Sanofi has repeatedly shown it is just as committed to the fair and equal treatment of its employees as it is helping to improve the lives of the people taking Sanofi’s products. “Every day we dedicate our most important resource — our people — to our purpose of supporting patients and families through their health journeys,” the company said. “Sanofi depends on the diversity and talent of our employees to be more innovative, effective and competitive. By maximizing the power of difference, we create a culture where employees feel engaged, empowered and included.”


  1. CVS Health

Founded in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1963 and originally known as the Consumer Value Store, the pharmaceutical giant initially didn’t carry drugs at all. Today, as the largest pharmacy chain in the U.S., there are nearly 10,000 CVS stores across the country — and diversity and inclusion is a core tenant of each. “I’m passionate about fostering a culture where our differences and similarities are celebrated and every person has equal opportunity to contribute and advance their careers,” said CVS President and CEO, Karen S. Lynch. “Our colleagues represent the communities we serve and bring unique ideas, experiences and skills that are necessary to fulfilling our purpose: to support individuals during every meaningful moment of health throughout their lifetime.”


  1. Wells Fargo

Following the tumultuous year of 2020, Wells Fargo, the banking, mortgage, investing, credit card and personal financial services company, continued to keep social reform and equality at the center of its business efforts. “At Wells Fargo, we have a heightened awareness of the racial inequity and discrimination that have been clearly exposed over the past year. We are committed to accelerating diversity, equity and inclusion within our company, the country and across the globe,” the company said. “Last year after the killing of George Floyd, we committed nearly $600 million to advance employee, community and public policy initiatives that address injustice and inequity faced by the Black community and other disenfranchised communities. These investments build on our efforts to champion diversity, equity, inclusion and justice throughout our company and in the communities we serve.”


  1. Exelon Corporation

Exelon Corporation is not just the nation’s leading competitive energy provider, but also a consistent champion of diversity, equity and inclusion as a business imperative. Rising 4 spots from last year, the company believes that deliberate focus on DEI creates a workplace culture where all employees feel they belong and positions the company to deliver operational excellence and innovative solutions to its customers. “Our fundamental belief is that our diversity of backgrounds, experiences and ideas is the foundation of our ability to serve all our customers, to innovate and to create the future of energy together,” said the company’s president and CEO, Chris Crane.


  1. KeyBank

Founded originally in 1825 in Albany, New York and headquartered today in Cleveland, Ohio, KeyBank promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in everything that it does. Jumping 12 spots from last year’s list, the company said “we value diversity, are committed to equity and foster inclusion throughout our business, from the teammates we hire and the clients we serve to the suppliers we use and the communities that welcome us. At KeyBank, they say, every employee is engaged with and committed to those basic and fundamental goals.”


  1. Walmart

Each week, approximately 220 million customers visit more than 10,000 different Walmart stores and member clubs located in 24 different countries around the globe, helping the mass merchandiser maintain its title as one of the biggest retailers on the planet. In addition to those already impressive numbers, Walmart also remains incredibly focused on sustainability, corporate philanthropy and employment opportunities for its entire workforce — keeping DE&I efforts at the front of all their various corporate operations. “We remain focused on building teams that are diverse and inclusive and fostering an environment where people have the opportunity for continued growth,” said Doug McMillon, President and CEO of the company. “We believe unique identities, experiences, styles, abilities and perspectives should be respected — more than that, we believe they should be held up and valued as essential.” This year, Walmart jumped an impressive 10 slots on our Top 50 list.


  1. Northrop Grumman

Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, aerospace and defense technology company Northrop Grumman has a workforce of more than 90,000 employees. Whether the company is developing cutting-edge aircraft, next-generation spacecraft, unrivaled cybersecurity systems or radar systems, Northrop Grumman’s executives believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to their overall success and continuously work to keep these initiatives at the center of everything they do. “Every person who works at Northrop Grumman is valued for who they are and the unique perspectives they bring to our team,” the company said. “That means that everyone has a voice here and it takes every one of us to make the impossible a reality.”


  1. Southern Company

Leaping six spots from last year’s list is the Atlanta-based Southern Company. At the gas and electric super company, diversity and inclusion play a role in everything the company stands for, whether it’s attracting, developing and retaining top talent or creating an environment in which every employee can contribute and reach their full potential. “We are committed to being a role model among companies forging change,” said Tom Fanning, the company’s president, chairman and CEO. “Southern Company has embraced a more holistic goal of diversity, equity and inclusion to help ensure that all groups — especially historically underrepresented and marginalized groups — are well-represented and fairly treated within all levels of the organization and that all our employees feel welcomed, included, valued and respected.”


  1. Dow

Chemical producer Dow enters the top 20 this year, moving up two spots from the 2020 list. One reason for this year’s jump? While some companies moved away from social justice messages over the course of 2020 for fear of losing business, Dow doubled down, accelerating and strengthening aspects of its inclusion and diversity team and sending out the message that “inclusion is not canceled.” That message was spread throughout Dow’s 10 employee resource groups and, as a result, global ERG participation increased by 7% across the company —employees didn’t just like the company message, they wanted to hear more. 

“Our commitment to inclusion and diversity has allowed us to navigate through challenging times with increased employee engagement, faster decision-making and enhanced innovation,” said the company’s chairman and CEO Jim Fitterling. “Dow’s placement on the Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list is a recognition of our progress and it motivates us to do even better because it allows us to be measured among the best.”


  1. U.S. Bank

In a tie with Capital One for the biggest jump of the year, moving up a remarkable 22 slots in this year’s Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 rankings is U.S. Bank. “U.S. Bank employees, from our board to our front line, know that fostering inclusion, promoting equity and celebrating diversity is both the right thing to do and a business imperative,” the company said. “Our approach to diversity, equity and inclusion is unique, because we look at how diversity, equity and inclusion benefits all our stakeholders and operationalize it through every area of our company, including our workplace initiatives, marketing strategies, community involvement and supplier diversity program.” 


  1. The Boeing Company

Soaring ahead an impressive 10 spots on this year’s ranking is The Boeing Company. With a roster of high-tech products ranging from airplanes, rockets, satellites and missiles that’s almost as diverse as its workforce, the company has a newfound emphasis on data transparency that has helped the company, in part, make such an impressive showing on this year’s list. “We know that being a truly equitable, diverse and inclusive company requires a commitment to our team members and communities across the globe,” the company said. “It means meeting people where they are and acknowledging that we may need different things to bring our best selves to work. This year, for the first time in our company’s history, we shared our diversity metrics and publicly outlined the steps we’re taking to improve. Guided by our values, we will press forward on the challenging and necessary work ahead of us and we will report our progress every year.”


  1. KPMG

Professional services network and one of the “Big Four” accounting organizations, KPMG told Fair360, formerly DiversityInc this year that, in order to help the company achieve and maintain its rigorous diversity and inclusion goals, the company created a number of noteworthy programs and initiatives. One noteworthy one includes Accelerate 2025 — the company’s collective commitment to advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to better understand and address the lived and shared experiences that Black talent and all underrepresented groups have in navigating the workplace. “As a firm that relies on intellectual capital in an increasingly competitive environment, our ability to attract and retain the best and brightest talent is inextricably linked to our U.S. firm strategy,” said company CEO Paul Knopp. “We also know that a diverse and inclusive work environment is an imperative for our people to thrive.” 


  1. AbbVie

Jumping up four spots is biopharmaceutical company AbbVie. Founded as a spin-off of Abbott Laboratories in 2013, the company has a long history as a D&I leader. According to the company, “At AbbVie, we work every day to discover and address many of the world’s most pressing health challenges. As an innovation-driven company, the knowledge, ideas and capabilities that employees bring are critical. Our focus on Equity, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion enables us to continue growing. We’re strongly committed to the value of diverse perspectives, an inclusive culture and treating everyone with dignity and respect.”

“The work we are doing to drive equity, equality, eliminate bias and inspire inclusion is about acceptance and activation of the sameness and the differences of all of us,” added Rae Livingston, AbbVie’s Chief Equity Officer. “This work simply lifts others as we all climb.”


  1. TD Bank

Up four spots from last year’s list is “America’s Most Convenient Bank,” TD Bank, Headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and founded 169 years ago, the chain — which has more than 1,200 locations across the country — is consistently committed to diversity and inclusion efforts and is a regular champion of that work when it comes to corporate practices as well as public events. “We take great pride in supporting and celebrating the contributions of our colleagues,” said TD Bank CEO Greg Braca. “By fostering a culture of inclusion, we promote greater innovation, engagement and creativity that delivers on our brand promise. At TD, we put our words into actions and continue our commitment to building a more inclusive tomorrow for all.” Among the many efforts worth celebrating at the company is its recently introduced “Black Experiences” — an area of focus that sets distinct and attainable targets to increase the representation of Black and other minority professionals within the company.


  1. Humana

Leaping 12 spots from the 2020 list is Louisville, Kentucky-based insurance company, Humana. The company has been highly involved recently with efforts to bolster diversity and inclusion throughout the Louisville region ahead of the iconic Kentucky Derby, which took place in its hometown on May 1. Humana is also a regular champion of D&I efforts throughout the insurance industry and a model of how those systems can successfully be put into place. “The difficult events of the past year reinforce the importance of committing to equality,” said Bruce Broussard, President & CEO of Humana. “As a company, we are committed to actions that drive progress both in and outside the company. I believe our inclusive culture is one of our greatest strengths and that by doing the hard work, we will make a measurable impact in advancing a culture of inclusion and in building stronger, healthier and safer communities.”


  1. BASF

BASF isn’t just a chemical company — it’s the largest chemical producer in the world. And this year, the company which is a cornerstone in everything from construction and farming to automotive and energy production jumps up two spots on our annual Top 50 ranking. As a company, BASF believes that promoting and valuing diversity across all levels and dimensions is an integral part of its business strategy and is embedded in the company’s corporate values and code of conduct. To that end, BASF requires 50% of the candidates interviewed for all roles to be diverse and 50% of the people doing the interviewing must also reflect the diversity that the company seeks in the market. “We recognize that diversity and inclusion are fundamental to progress as a business and to the culture, we need to create within our company and reflect out to the broader community,” said Michael Heinz, BASF’s Chairman and CEO. “We have learned powerful lessons on the importance of diversity and inclusion to drive safety, innovation, creativity and quality through an intense sense of belonging at BASF.”


  1. Medtronic

We’ve already seen two companies jump a remarkable 22 spots on this year’s Top 50 list and now we have a third member joining that elusive club: medical device company Medtronic. Leaders in the field of everything from diabetes treatment to COVID-19 recovery, Medtronic is a shining example of a company that does good for both its patients the company treats as well as for the diverse roster of individuals it has employed as part of its workforce. “Inclusion, diversity and equity have always been part of the Medtronic Mission,” said Medtronic’s chairman and CEO Geoff Martha. “Today, we recognize these principles as critical drivers of our business, accelerating our competitiveness in talent acquisition and retention, innovation and social impact — and ensuring our life-saving technologies go further for millions of patients around the world.”


  1. The Hershey Company

As we enter our Top 10 on the Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 companies for diversity ranking, it’s time for a tasty treat courtesy of The Hershey Company, which jumps 11 spots up from the 2020 list. While we’re all familiar with Hershey’s delicious chocolate products, what you may not know if you don’t work for the company is that Hershey is also a leader in pay equity. On the aggregate level, U.S. salaried women, Blacks, Latinx and Asians working at the company earn the exact dollar-for-dollar salary as white men. “We value the contributions that each individual brings through their different experiences and backgrounds,” said Michele Buck, Hershey’s Chairman and CEO. “We are the sum of our experiences and our business and connections to consumers are enriched by it.”


  1. TIAA

Holding steady at No. 9 for the second year in a row is The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America-College Retirement Equities Fund, better known as TIAA. A financial services company created more than 100 years ago to ensure that teachers can invest throughout their careers and retire in dignity, TIAA is also a strong proponent of social reform and change. “We recognize our culture is shaped by how we respond to events beyond our office walls, and social injustice and inequalities in our society demand that we intensify our focus on equipping and empowering associates to continue influencing for inclusion and equity at TIAA and in their communities,” the company said. To that end, it hosted more than three dozen different events and sustainability initiatives last year, all focused on how we can all be more inclusive and anti-racist going forward. 

“Now, more than ever, companies need to create cultures where employees can bring their true, authentic selves to work and be supported by their peers and mentors,” said TIAA CEO Thasunda Brown Duckett.


  1. ADP

Used by more than 700,000 small businesses across the country, human resources management company ADP knows how to get payroll out on time and manage other HR-related issues. But the company also excels at maintaining a work environment where employees feel engaged and empowered to achieve their full potential. According to the company, ADP cultivates a culture that embraces all forms of gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual identity and orientation, veteran status and ability. The company supports this philosophy at all levels, from entry-level to management and executive positions, believing an engaged, inclusive and diverse workforce attracts top talent, galvanizes creativity, drives innovation and leads to better business outcomes. 

ADP’s tens of thousands of associates also reflect the cultural diversity of the markets the company serves. Through workforce initiatives, including fair and equal hiring practices, efforts to support pay equity, global business resource groups and diversity and inclusion trainings, ADP has established an inclusive culture that provides all associates the opportunity to contribute, grow and thrive.


  1. Toyota Motor North America

Moving three spots up our Top 10 is Toyota Motor North America. With 10 plants, 1,500 dealerships, 137,000 dedicated U.S. employees and a remarkable 25 million vehicles built so far — and counting — Toyota is a giant in the automotive industry. “Our vision knows no boundaries. Through continuous improvement and respect for people — twin pillars of The Toyota Way — we strive to be leaders in diversity and inclusion,” the company said. “We challenge what’s possible and recognize D&I as an essential component of every team member’s experience, making the workplace, marketplace, society and the world a better place by living what we value — equality, respect and inclusive treatment of all people, and increased awareness of conscious and unconscious discrimination.” 

Tetsuo Ogawa, Toyota Motor North America President and CEO, further champions these ideals, saying “Toyota’s core foundation of showing Respect for People has served as our guiding light, and our policies and actions reflect these values. Our goal is to ensure diversity, inclusion and racial and social justice apply equally to all and we must continue doing what we can to make our communities a better place, now and for future generations.”


  1. Comcast NBCUniversal

Moving one spot up from last year is Comcast NBCUniversal. As one of the nation’s leading providers of entertainment, information and communications products and services, the company said it is continually focused on not just promoting improved diversity and inclusion to the people consuming its products, but also championing those ideals within its workforce as well. 

“At Comcast NBCUniversal, we strive to make every employee feel valued and respected for who they are and the unique contributions they make. We believe that a diverse and inclusive company is a more innovative and successful company, which is why we aim to infuse diversity, equity and inclusion into all aspects of our culture and our business,” the company said. “As a media and technology company, we also have a unique opportunity to leverage our resources to shed light on systemic issues and work toward lasting solutions.”  

“It is an honor to be featured among the top companies for diversity,” added company CEO, Brian L. Roberts. “We will continue to support our employees and communities with a sharper focus on equality and justice and accelerating our work in digital equity to ensure that everyone has the ability to take part in an increasingly connected society.”


  1. Mastercard

Also moving up one spot on this year’s list is MasterCard, the multinational financial services corporation headquartered in the aptly named Purchase, New York. Originally known as “Interbank” when it was founded in 1966 and then “Master Charge” through 1979, Mastercard is one of the biggest and most widely recognized brands in the world today. 

“At Mastercard, we believe in diversity, equity and inclusion because we know people thrive when they feel they belong, their ideas are valued and they are treated fairly. Fostering that equity and fairness is embedded in our DNA through the Mastercard Way, which promotes inclusion — and being a force for good — to unlock potential for ourselves, our communities and our business. It anchors our culture of decency and encompasses our major strategic commitment to driving inclusive economic growth in markets around the world,” the company said. “We are committed to creating a global corporate environment where all people are treated equally and fairly and given opportunities to advance. We want a workforce that reflects the wider world, with all its variabilities.”


  1. Abbott

Medical devices and health care company Abbott makes the biggest move within our Top 10 this year, leaping from No. 8 last year to No. 4 in 2021. It’s a well-deserved gain for the Chicago-based company founded 133 years ago and employs more than 100,000 workers. “Diversity is fundamental at Abbott. It’s in our people, our mindsets and our business models. It’s embedded in our values and core to fulfilling our purpose: helping people live their best, healthiest lives,” the company said. “At Abbott, we believe that diverse perspectives and shared goals inspire new ideas that help us make solutions to the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges accessible and available to as many people as possible. This means integrating diversity, equity and inclusion in all areas of our business and building teams reflective of the communities where we live in and serve.”

“We’re here to help people live fuller lives through better health — and that means all people,” said Abbott president and CEO, Robert B. Ford. “We’ve been a global company for more than a century and today there are 109,000 of us around the world doing business in more than 160 countries. So, diversity is fundamental to us, from our people down to our broad mix of businesses. We’re very proud to be recognized as a leader in fostering an inclusive workplace. And we’re working actively to keep getting better.”


  1. Eli Lilly and Company

Holding steady for the second year in a row in the No. 3 spot is another company leading in the work of medicine and healthcare: Eli Lilly and Company. Founded and named after a former Union soldier who fought in the Civil War, Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly has been making pharmaceuticals to help improve the lives of Americans for nearly 150 years. That continuing effort to improve the lives of both the public and members of its workforce also carries over to Eli Lilly’s day-to-day operations and the company’s continuing commitment to diversity and inclusion. “Our commitment to workforce diversity is stronger now more than ever,” the company said. “We have joined the national discourse on race and inequity by amplifying our voice. We are expanding workforce diversity and inclusion efforts and taking substantive actions outside the company to partner, influence and invest in lasting change.”

“While there’s nothing easy about the road ahead, we can no longer accept systemic bias in any of its forms,” Eli Lilly CEO David A. Ricks said. “The time for platitudes is behind us — the time for urgent action is now.”


  1. Accenture

Moving up three spots to this year’s runner-up slot is consulting and processing service company Accenture. A consistent presence on our Top 50 for a number of years, Accenture’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, as well as data transparency, is among the best of the best. According to the company, Accenture has an ongoing commitment to accelerate equality for all and to create a work environment in which every one of its 537,000 people feels like they belong. Over the last year, the company has launched several D&I focused initiatives, including a renewed effort to create a culture of shared success among employees; new hiring guidelines for increased race and ethnicity representation in the workforce overall; as well as new mandatory training to help support employees in identifying and ending racism in the workplace.


“Our commitment to equality for all has never been more important,” said Accenture CEO Jimmy Etheredge. “We will continue to take action to accelerate change. Being an inclusive and diverse workplace is essential to innovation and our business success and it’s the right thing to do.”


  1. Hilton

Topping the Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list for the first time ever is Hilton. Founded by Conrad Hilton in 1919, the hospitality leader and hotel giant now includes portfolio of 18 world-class brands comprising more than 6,500 properties and more than one million rooms, in 119 countries and territories. And just as each of those hotels and properties is distinctive and diverse, so too is the Hilton workforce. According to the company, “Diversity is at the core of Hilton’s vision, mission and values. We are committed to an inclusive workforce that fully represents many different cultures, backgrounds and viewpoints. Our global brands provide meeting places for people from all walks of life to connect, creating a welcoming environment for all.” 

 “Understanding our team members’ unique perspectives, along with those of our guests, owners, suppliers and partners, is essential to driving our competitive performance. Our company will always strive to reflect the global communities where we live and work,” Hilton said. “Our global strategy is to leverage and promote diversity and inclusion through a framework of culture, talent and marketplace programs and initiatives to foster innovation and create a globally competitive business.”

Hilton CEO Christopher J. Nassetta is also an adamant champion and supporter of that vision, saying, “We are committed to creating the best, most inclusive home for our Team Members and looking forward, we will continue to hold ourselves accountable to that commitment. We celebrate the diversity of everyone in our extended Hilton family and appreciate the unique experiences and perspectives they share with us every day.”

“On behalf of our entire Hilton family, it’s truly an honor to be recognized as the #1 Company on the 2021 Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list and as a Top Company on a record twelve specialty lists,” added Nassetta. “Our company was founded on the belief that travel could be a bridge to world peace and thanks to the inclusive workplace our Team Members have built together with us, our hospitality continues to create greater understanding and unite communities all around the world.”

Congratulations to all the companies that landed a spot on this year’s Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list!