News Anchor Meagan Fitzgerald Announces Engagement to Girlfriend On-Air in Celebration of Pride Month

Meagan Fitzgerald, a news anchor at NBC 4 Washington, wanted to start Pride Month, which celebrates the impact LGBT people have had in the world, with making a special announcement of her own.

The 33-year-old journalist came out during a broadcast on Sunday and announced that she is getting married to her girlfriend.

“I wanted to take a moment to share some personal news with you,” Fitzgerald began. “But before I do, I want to address this month, which is Pride month, and acknowledge the fact that it’s not always easy being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

“There’s the coming out process, finding out who you are, being comfortable in your own skin, in your own truth. It takes courage to be your true, authentic self no matter who you are.

“But to the boys and girls watching, the men and women who may still be struggling, it’s worth it. Being just who you are is enough.

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“I know this because I’ve been through that journey. I’m excited to share with you some news. I’m engaged!”

At this time, the news channel showed a photo of Fitzgerald and her fiancée, Kelly Heath.

“My beautiful fiancée Kelly popped the question,” she said.

Fitzgerald then said they went to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants.

“Well said,” Fitzgerald’s colleague told her.

“I want people to hear that because it’s not always easy,” she responded. “It is a process for different people. And sometimes a struggle.”

Fitzgerald later said on Twitter that she’s grateful for the “love and support.”

‘Assimilation is Exhausting’

Bringing your authentic self to the workplace was a topic of discussion at Fair360, formerly DiversityInc’s 2019 Top 50 Companies for Diversity event on May 7.

Andrew McCaskill, a former Nielsen executive, has 20 years of experience working in communications and crisis management with Fortune 500 companies and technology start-ups.

McCaskill gave a TED-style talk on why authenticity is crucial to one’s work performance.

“For me, in my career, I came up when I came out,” he said.

“When I came out as 100 percent unapologetically Drew, as unapologetically a part of African-American culture, unapologetically gay, unapologetically a part of and a participant in hip-hop culture, unapologetically a technophile.

“All of those things that made me unique began to be assets for me at work.”

McCaskill said that trying to assimilate early in his career was “exhausting.”

“I wasted so much of the beginning of my career trying to sound and look like everybody else,” he explained.

“Ladies and gentlemen, assimilation is exhausting. And more than that, it leaves almost no time, no energy for creativity and for innovation. The main things that our companies need from us now more than ever.

“Let’s build spaces where people can show up as their authentic selves.”

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