Post Office Named After Black Hero Ryan Keith Cox

When a disgruntled employee opened fire at Virginia Beach municipal center on May 31, Ryan Keith Cox, an account clerk who had worked in the public utilities department for more than 12 years, saved several lives. Because of his heroics, Cox will have a post office named after him.

The post office, which currently doesn’t have a name, will be called the Ryan Keith Cox Post Office Building.

According to witnesses, Cox helped get his colleagues to safety during the shooting.

“If it wasn’t for him, there would have been several more people that had perished,” city employee Christi Dewar told CNN affiliate WAVY shortly after the shooting. “He was a hero.”

US Rep. Elaine Luria, D-Virginia, introduced the bill, which was signed into law “after swift bipartisan and bicameral passage in the House and Senate last month,” Luria’s office said in a press release Thursday.

“Virginia Beach and our entire Commonwealth will never forget Keith Cox’s courageous efforts to save his fellow Virginians,” Luria said, according to CNN. “The post office building will serve as a permanent reminder of his bravery and sacrifice. It’s an honor to recognize a true community hero.

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DeWayne Craddock, the shooter, was a public utilities worker. He killed 12 people and send four more to the hospital. He died after a long gunfight with officers. Craddock fired indiscriminately as he went through all three floors of Building 2 and he also shot someone in the parking lot.

At the time, the mass shooting was the deadliest in the US since November 2018..

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