Rev. Jesse Jackson is ‘Keeping Hope Alive’ with New Book

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. has been a monumental force in the civil rights movement and the progression of Black Americans. For half a century, the celebrated Baptist minister, organizer and activist has diligently worked for peace and is a visionary when it comes to the promise of a true democracy.

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition founder and president also is an international ambassador of human rights. Jackson’s work has left a lasting impression and a major impact on modern history.

Jackson’s latest work, Keeping Hope Alive, is a book filled with his most rousing and inspiring speeches and sermons delivered from Chicago to Senegal. The book also includes his famous speeches from the 1984 and 1988 Democratic Party conventions after his historic presidential campaigns.

“After all these years, what remains for me, is God is a source of mystery and wonder,” Jackson wrote of his tremendous journey in the epilogue of Keeping Hope Alive. “Scripture holds up. The righteous are not forsaken. We’ve come a long way since slavery. But we’re not finished yet. Running for freedom is a long-distance race.”

Along with Jackson’s illustrious theological career, he also served as a “shadow senator” for the District of Columbia from 1991 to 1997.

“I have had the privilege of learning most of what I know about justice and liberation from Rev. Jackson,” Fair360, formerly DiversityInc founder and Chairman Luke Visconti said. “His ability to bring resolution to strife, negotiate fairness and peace from conflict and shine the lamp of wisdom and reason into the darkness of closed minds makes him the greatest American I’ve known. I look forward to reading his words with great anticipation.”

Keeping Hope Alive, which was edited by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, is scheduled for release on Dec. 16 and is now available to order.

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