Richmond Landlord Calls Black Tenant Racial Slurs After She Asked for Needed Repairs

A single Black mother was disrespected by her landlord when she complained about repairs needed to the house she was renting in Richmond, Va.

Winter Wittaker noticed leaks in the ceiling when it rained, so she called her landlord.

It wasn’t the first time she requested repairs, but, unfortunately, his “quick-fix” repairs never really worked so she would have to call again.

“Rodents, fleas…It would leak constantly, in my bedroom, in my living room…The hole inside the house, it was leaking from the gutters. That was the final straw for me,” she told NBC 12.

Her prior pleas were answered with, “If you don’t like it, move.” She added “ok, it’s easy for you to say move.'”

That is when things got even more confrontational.

“I moved here and then five days later, he called me the first ‘B word’…For five months, I continuously was abused with the ‘B word’ every time I called him about a complaint. He was like ‘You complain too much. You can get the hell out of my house,’” she said.

Whittaker feared for her life, as she knew her landlord had the keys to the house. She decided to call him again for leaks, but this time recorded the conversation.

When she mentioned the leaks, the profanities started. Parsons shouted at her in the phone, “I didn’t hear a good God d**** thing you said because you don’t mean sh** to me.”

The argument continued until Whittaker threatened, “I’ll see you in court then,”

Parsons then took it even further and shouted racial slurs.

“I don’t give a good God d***. You’re just another dumb a** n*****I got to go to court with and I go to court every damn day with them,” Parsons added.

Whittaker hired attorney Helen Hardiman, who felt that this was a violation of Virginia’s fair housing laws.

With Hardiman’s assistance, Whittaker and Parsons reached a settlement, which terms have not been disclosed.

Whittaker ultimately finished her lease and is renting from a new landlord now. By sharing her story, Hardiman and Whittaker hope that this will prevent landlords from ignoring their responsibilities and refrain from personal and racial attacks on others.