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Fair360 offers solutions to measure, analyze and improve your efforts to create a workplace culture centered on fairness, equity and inclusion.


To ensure credibility of efforts around workplace fairness and optimize decision making around policies and practices, companies must measure what matters. Through the Fair360 Top 50 survey, we are able to help you assess your organization’s performance while tracking and showcasing progress from a historical perspective.

Our team of data scientists will help you uncover insights that will shape your journey toward a fair and equitable workplace and provide recommendations for areas the organization needs to prioritize to improve the impact of your efforts.

Brand Partnerships

Telling the story of your workplace fairness initiatives is an essential component of your employer brand and a key strategy in the organization’s talent recruitment and retention efforts. By tapping into Fair360’s expansive reach and thought leadership through our industry leading events, webinars and digital content opportunities, we can help your organization tell its story in a more credible and focused way.

Learn how to build and demonstrate a culture capable of attracting, engaging and motivating a modern, socially conscious workforce that is reflective of the communities you do business in.

Workforce Solutions

Through Fair360's workforce solutions, your organization will come to understand how to better build and connect with a modern workforce.

We can help your organization develop an understanding of enterprise data to evolve your workforce development strategies and offer your teams something more than well-intentioned training. Build leadership skills at every level while driving engagement and continuous learning.

Fair360 Enterprise is a subscription that offers insights, best practices and case studies on workplace fairness management. Corporations, nonprofits, academia and government/military organizations utilize content on the website to help evolve and gain support for their workplace fairness initiatives. Your organization can become a member by purchasing a membership directly from our website.

Leadership & Team Development

Whether it’s providing career advice to those who aspire to be leaders, best practices for mentoring and sponsorship programs or connecting your organization with talent through our job board, Fair360’s team can help you develop and optimize an approach to talent programs. From how the organization engages high potential employees to how it sets goals related to demographic representation, employee resource groups (ERGs) and executive diversity councils.

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