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Fair360 Enterprise is a subscription that offers insights, best practices and case studies on workplace fairness management. Corporations, nonprofits, academia and government/military organizations utilize content on the website to help evolve and gain support for their workplace fairness initiatives. Your organization can become a member by purchasing a membership directly from our website.


At Fair360, we deliver workplace insights that shape the future. Managing workplace fairness in organizations is a defining issue of our time and we do that through comparative workplace analytics. The business case for workplace fairness is now.


We collect human capital data from hundreds of companies in our Fair360 Top 50 survey. We use the data to discern which companies have the best practices based on actual accomplishments. By completing our survey, each company receives a free report card.

Fair360 Enterprise features articles on best practices, including leadership accountability, unlocking the power of Employee Resource Groups and navigating Environmental, Social, and Governance mandates. Subscribers can also gain insights from our informative webinars and Meeting in a Box, which prepares your company for celebration months, including Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Pride Month.

The Top 50 survey + our free report card + a subscription to Fair 360 Enterprise = your own diversity department.


This site is intended as an educational tool to assist those in fairness management, resource groups, diversity councils, human resources, recruitment, talent development, community relations, philanthropy, communications, legal and marketing, as well as organizational leadership.

The information is based on years of research of corporate best practices with measurable results, with all best practices and data coming from organizations on The Fair360 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list. These companies have consistently demonstrated how their workplace fairness management initiatives yield improvements in human capital, supplier diversity and market share.

Mouse over each section to see a drop-down menu on topics relevant to your needs. Each topic is arranged in an order that allows you to move from basic how-tos to sophisticated best practices. Each topic includes our webinars on the subject matter, featuring case studies from companies in the Top 50.

Fair360 Enterprise includes very important monthly cultural-competence and workplace fairness tool kits, found in our Meeting in a Box product, available only to Fair360 Enterprise subscribers (which includes all Fair360 Benchmarking clients). Meeting in a Box focuses on heritage themes, such as Black History Month, and are aimed at all employees as well as HR managers and resource-group leaders. All Meeting in a Box assets are available in various formats (links for use on your corporate intranets or emails, printouts for groups of employees) and can be broken into individual sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fair360 Enterprise offers company-wide access to premium content for corporate members. Your organization can become a member by purchasing a membership directly from our website.

Go to the member page and enter your information to become a member. You will be taken through the registration process and then receive an email confirmation. On future visits, all you’ll need to do is enter your email address and password to log in. If you do not receive a confirmation, your organization may have filtered our emails to your junk mail folder. You can contact us for help or you can reach out to your IT department and ask them to whitelist emails from Fair360.com, which means they will not be considered junk and be delivered directly to your inbox.

Fair360 webinars are free to all Enterprise members and Benchmarking customers. If you are already a registered member, login and proceed to our webinar schedule to view and register for upcoming webinars. Approximately 48 hours before the event, you will receive information on how to log in and dial into to the webinar.

After logging in, select webinars on the homepage. This will take you to the webinar library where you can find past webinars.

Meeting in a Box is a tool to help you educate your workforce. Each Meeting in a Box offers digestible and clear information about the subject. Meetings in a Box have two variations — they can either focus on cultural competence on a demographic (often during a cultural heritage month such as National Hispanic Heritage Month or LGBTQ+ Pride Month) or they are based on workplace fairness topics (employee resource groups, mentoring).

Meeting in a Box access is Enterprise member only. Non-members may purchase webinars individually, but Enterprise members have access to past and future webinars and Premium members have access to recordings of our webinars from the previous calendar year. 

Enterprise and Individual memberships are available for purchase. For Enterprise, enroll on behalf of your organization and gain access to to premium content, monthly webinars, Meeting in a Box, Career Advice, and video interviews with Top Executives. Individual access has three levels available: Free, Basic and Premium. Visit our memberships page to choose your subscription.

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