Unlocking the Power of ERGs

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are more than just employee-led groups that come together based on shared identity or interests. In fact, they have evolved into dynamic catalysts for change in today’s corporate landscape.  

ERGs must align with the business to support the organization’s goals. All of Fair360’s 2023 Top 10 and Top ERG companies leverage the groups to communicate inclusion initiatives.  

“In collaboration with TMRG leadership, the DE&I team works to ensure all plans support our strategic framework of Culture, Talent and Marketplace to foster innovation and create a globally competitive business,” said DeShaun Wise Porter, Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement at Hilton (a Fair360 Hall of Fame company.) “Our TMRGs are intentional about setting objectives and goals for the year and planning activations that align with our broader strategy.” 

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