How Leaders Can Drive Employee Engagement and Retention

In 2021, the volume of talent leaving the workforce voluntarily rose to such a level that it became known as the Great Resignation. In conversations about how to drive employee engagement and retention, high-level leaders often overlook their role in talent management. There is seldom discussion about how boards and C-suite leaders can support talent’s desire to stay with an organization.

Employees view leadership as a key component in organizational stability and understanding the mission of the company and their individual roles. With the ripple effects of the Great Resignation still being felt in 2024, let’s look at some actions that drive employee retention and engagement.

Mentorship Programs

Accessibility of senior executives and board members is one way to create a more human connection with employees. When people feel they can speak openly and develop relationships with their leaders, they’re more likely to feel heard and invested in. Mentor programs are a great way to build connections across management levels and allow lower-level employees to engage with organizational leaders. 

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