Video: ‘Don’t Feel Bad for Me, B—-!’: Meghan McCain Goes Off on Joy Behar on ‘The View’ Over President Trump

Conflict is always on the menu on ABC’s hit morning talk show The View and Wednesday’s episode was no different. It’s a given that the ladies will disagree with uber-conservative and Republican crybaby, Meghan McCain. However, yesterday’s exchange crossed the line when McCain aggressively called co-host Joy Behar a “b***h.”

Co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Meghan McCain were discussing President Trump’s campaign rally in Orlando, Fla., on Tuesday night. Goldberg opened the conversation on The View with her opinion of Trump’s speech saying it sounded like his same rhetoric from his 2016 Presidential campaign. Co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin agreed.

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Behar took a dig at Trump supporters by implying they weren’t too bright, and McCain took offense to the comment.

The staunch Republican stated, “Don’t belittle the enthusiasm. Democrats have a lot to come. A lot of people are enthusiastic, and one of my producers were saying, ‘Why do people love him so much?’ It’s not just that they love Trump so much. It’s they hate the same things Trump hates. That’s what’s going on.”

Joy Behar responded sarcastically as McCain objected: “Who? Black people, you mean? Immigrants? Who do they hate?”

“You know what, Joy, really, I come here every day open-minded trying to explain it, and it’s not a fun job for me,” McCain griped. “I know you’re angry. I know that you’re angry that Trump is president.”

As usual, The View’s referee, Whoopi Goldberg, jumped in to calm things down.

“OK, guys! OK, OK, OK,” she interjected to audience applause. “It’s a great discussion, and we can go back to it. I just need everybody to take a beat.”

McCain describing herself as “open-minded” is a laugh, but the debate continued to escalate as she complained that Behar was yelling at her.

“I don’t think yelling at me is going to fix the problem,” Meghan McCain exclaimed.

The self-delegated martyr for the Republican Party went on to say that she was The View’s “sacrificial Republican” to which Joy Behar acrimoniously responded, “Awww!”

Her response pushed McCain over the edge.

“Oh, don’t feel bad for me, b***h, I’m paid to do this, OK? Don’t feel bad for me,” she shouted to the surprise of her co-hosts and the audience, according to Yahoo News.

Co-host Sunny Hostin immediately intervened expressing that they shouldn’t resort to calling each other “b***es” while McCain claimed that she and Behar use that phrase all the time.

Whoopi Goldberg quickly cut to commercial.

Upon returning, the tension was still in the air and McCain, and Behar attempted to lighten the atmosphere.

Meghan McCain addressed her use of the derogatory word stating: “Joy and I call each other ‘b***h’ all the time. I know this is a big shock: We get along backstage!”

Joy Behar chimed in to support McCain’s claim.

“We’re both pugilistic, and so we’re fine. I’m very straight in what I believe, and so is she [McCain], so we’re going to fight,” Behar said. “I don’t care if you call me a b***h.”

McCain then awkwardly claimed the name-calling was good for equal rights.

“It’s almost 2020, and women can debate on TV in a spirited way without it being personal,” McCain said.

That’s an interesting take, considering the word “b***h” is used to demean women.






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