Video: ICE Officers Break Window, Drag Florencio Millan-Vazquez Out of Car

In Kansas City, Mo., a livestreamed video caught a violent attack on Florencio Millan-Vazquez. In the video, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents smashed the driver’s side window of Millan-Vazquez’s car, dragged him out and arrested him.

According to NBC News, ICE officers in Kansas City boxed in Millan-Vazquez while he was driving, claiming they had a warrant for his arrest for eventual deportation.

But when the officers wouldn’t show him a warrant, Millan-Vazquez refused to exit the vehicle, as is his legal right. That’s when his girlfriend, Cheyenne Hoyt, who was in the car with their two young children, started filming.

“I told him not to refuse, not to resist, because I didn’t want them to shoot him in front of my kids,” Hoyt said at a press conference on Tuesday, surrounded by immigrant advocates.

The video is heartbreaking.

“I’m so scared … daddy,” a young male voice could be heard. “I just want to see daddy.”

Millan-Vazquez has misdemeanor offenses on his record and a federal immigration judge, in 2011, ordered him out of the country, ICE told NBC News.

The Kansas City Police Department has promised that they will not help with ICE raids or arrests. However, the department was there on scene as back up for the ICE officers.

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Alex Perez, a representative of the Kansas/Missouri Dream Alliance, said that city police handed ICE officer the glass-breaking instrument used to bash in the car’s window.

“When the KCPD arrived not only did they also ignore the repeated request for a warrant, they attempted to shatter the window themselves and then provided the tool to ICE agents, which ultimately was used to break the driver’s window to illegally enter the vehicle and arrest the victim,” Perez said at the press conference.

Millan-Vazquez was being held by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday, jail records showed, and will likely soon be deported back to Mexico.