A Community Helps Lee Hamilton, A Beloved School Custodian, To Pay For Back Surgery

Lee Hamilton, known as “Mr. Lee” to students at Puster Elementary School, has been the school custodian since it opened in Collin County Texas. Hamilton also cares for his wife who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

In the community, “Mr.Lee” is known as a hardworking, nice guy who spreads positivity with a smile to the children he encounters on a daily basis. What the children didn’t know was in order for their favorite custodian to avoid being confined to a wheelchair, he has to have a series of extensive back surgeries.

Upon the community hearing the news, it rallied together and launched a GoFundMe page to pay for his surgery. The initial goal of $17,000 has been surpassed and is still growing.

“He is an incredibly hard worker and a steady, positive influence for the kids,” Diane Knowles Dahl who started the GoFundMe campaign for Lee Hamilton.

“These funds will be used to help pay his medical bills and their living expenses during the time “Mr. Lee” is incapacitated. Any amount you can give is appreciated!”

“It’s overwhelming,” Mr.Lee said. “I didn’t know I touched so many people. It’s been amazing, and I appreciate everything they did for me.”

His first surgery is scheduled for March 20th.

Collin County Texas is a relatively small county in Texas made up of various cities. It is the 6th largest county in the state of Texas. But what’s incredible about this story is that the population of Collin County, TX is 58.3% White15.1% Hispanic,  8% Black and 14.1% Asian. This signifies that a community came together for one of their own when they saw a need and they made something happen. This is exactly what community is all about.


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