AbbVie Partners With National Urban League to Drive Education Equity

AbbVie ranked No. 16 on the Fair360 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in 2023.


The AbbVie Foundation, AbbVie’s philanthropic arm, partnered with the National Urban League to help expand programs to support equal access to education.

“We created this partnership in the summer of 2020. And at each step, it’s been reciprocal, transparent learning,” said Hal Smith, EdD, SVP, Education Youth Development and Health, National Urban League. “It’s always been a partnership where folks feel that they can raise issues and identify opportunities that perhaps one of us has missed or undersold. Seeing the ways in which we can be more supportive of young people than we first imagined and envisioned. Being in a working partnership, an active partnership, has been incredibly important to the National Urban League and AbbVie Foundation partnership.”


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