Accenture Partners With Cervest to Address Climate Risks for Clients

Accenture is a Fair360 Top 50 Hall of Fame company.


Accenture has partnered with Cervest, an AI-powered climate intelligence (CI) platform, to provide access to historical, current and predictive views of climate risks for clients to assess and address vulnerabilities. The collaboration is a part of the Accenture Ventures Project Spotlight initiative.

Accenture will combine its environmental, social and governance (ESG) intelligence with Cervest’s Earth Science AI through its CI platform and EarthScan product.

Vrushali Gaud, Managing Director of Sustainability Services at Accenture, emphasized the importance of integrating climate considerations into risk mitigation and prioritizing climate strategy for long-term business resilience.

“By combining our newly launched Climate.MAP Accelerator with Cervest’s pioneering climate data modeling and machine learning technology, Accenture continues to expand its capabilities to help clients across industries make informed sustainability decisions by analyzing climate risk-related data to address the impacts of climate change,” Gaud said.

This collaboration will help clients assess physical asset risk based on different climate scenarios, plan for resilience, analyze their net zero strategies and increase the transparency of climate action.



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