ADP Provides Tech, Services and Administrative Relief to Give Businesses More Time and Productivity

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With the modern workplace requiring agility to stay ahead of the curve, efficiency is critical in driving an organization’s success and managing the resulting growth.  To help businesses navigate the challenges of a tight job market, currently experiencing a historic low of 3.6 percent unemployment according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ADP introduced enhancements to its industry-leading Tech, Services and Administrative Relief product, ADP® Comprehensive Services.  By supporting the time-consuming administrative tasks of HR, compliance, pay, and benefits, this solution can make organizations more productive and strategic.

“The changing workplace presents new challenges for businesses, demanding adaptability and expertise,” said Kathy Ross, SVP and general manager, ADP Comprehensive Services.  “Noting these changes, we’re continually evolving and adjusting our offerings that can be scaled to support differing business models to better serve our clients.  For more than 25 years, we’ve been providing HR relief to the business community, whether they have in-house HR or not.”

From managing talent to payroll, ADP Comprehensive Services is a proven solution for small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses. Recent enhancements include:

  • Small business HR support.  To better meet the needs of small business clients, a new version of the Comprehensive HR bundle provides technology and service offerings with optional benefits technology and support.  This offering provides on-site HR support, an employee handbook, HR tools, learning courses, assistance with talent management, and workplace safety guidance from experienced professionals.
  • Additional HR relief.  Comprehensive HR, the talent management and HR best practices offering within Comprehensive Services, expanded the role of its client-assigned specialists to deliver consultative best practices and compliance support, helping with areas like employee retention, engagement, and compensation management strategies.  A separate ADP service specialist provides HR technology and navigation support.  These additions help reduce client time spent on daily HR administration.
  • Onboarding technology.  All ADP Comprehensive Services offerings now include onboarding and electronic I-9 technology as well as a document management tool, all integrated within the service’s underlying technology, ADP Workforce Now®.
  • Time-saving payroll + robotics.  ADP’s payroll outsourcing solution, Comprehensive Pay, underwent a total transformation.  It now utilizes automation and robotics to provide fast payroll processing time and short pay cycles while delivering accurate and streamlined pay administration.  ADP takes on most pay administration tasks and responsibilities to free up clients’ time.
  • Accounting integration.  Accountants can now see their ADP Comprehensive Services clients within Accountant Connect, a free cloud-based, mobile-friendly solution that connects accountant to authorized clients’ payroll data, tax forms, notifications, pay trends and valuable practice management tools, all in one place.

“Comprehensive Services allows us to pull back from the administrative work and focus more on the people, the training and development of our staff,” said Stephen Polonski, director of human resources, CleaResult Consulting.  “It doesn’t feel like an outsourcing function; it feels like an extension of our own HR department.”

The only HR outsourcing provider selected as both a Leader and Star Performer in Everest Group’s 2019 Multi-Process HRO (MPHRO) ranking, ADP offers solutions that allow in-house HR teams to be more strategic and have valuable time back in their day.