Black Parents on Obama Cradling Their Newborn: ‘The Most Pivotal Moment’ of Our Lives

A newborn baby started out her new year with an expected greeting from former President Barack Obama.

On a golf outing at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Club, in Kaneohe, Hawaii, Obama walked up to a Black couple with a 7-week-old daughter, Paisleigh, and said “Give me Paisleigh.”

In a video, with over 530,000 views on Twitter, the 44th president asks the couple, Joseph and Chelcie Edwards, how old their baby is and proceeds to cradle and kiss her on her forehead.

You can hear the excited shrieks and “Oh, my God” from the proud mom. Joseph
shared the video on Instagram, and since then, it has been shared all over social media.

“To have the First Black President ever to initiate holding our daughter, let alone kissing her on the forehead, has to be one of the most pivotal moments of any [parent’s] life,” Edwards told
Because of Them We Can .

“For our little girl to be in the hands of a man that is so influential, yet still so humble, and allowing her to experience something many will never get to experience is a blessing from God within itself,” she said. “It’s just one of those things that’s just indescribable.”

Obama said to the parents, “You can’t beat having daughters!”


The proud father said on social media, “There is no better way to bless your family/New Year than with a kiss from the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN POTUS, Mr. Barack Obama himself.”

From a man who committed to reading 10 letters a day from citizens during his presidency, Obama has
said how important it is to stay connected to the people.

He told The Guardian, “Over time, I think it’s easy for folks to feel a little invisible, as if nobody’s paying attention. And so I did, I think, understand that if I could, at least, let them know that I saw them and I heard them, maybe they’d feel a little bit less lonely in those struggles.”

“Just going around and listening to people. Asking them about their lives, and what was important to them. And how did they come to believe what they believe And what are they trying to pass on to their children”

Chelcie Edwards said,”This memory is one she will listen to for many years to come, as well as have for the rest of her life. As parents, we plan to share this monumental moment with our daughter through pictures, stories, and instilling in her who exactly he is and was before her time.”


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