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Career Advice: Lisa Fishel-Slater

In this week’s installment of our Career Advice series, Lisa Fishel-Slater, Manager of Diversity Inclusion and Engagement at The Hershey Company (No. 3 on the 2023 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list), spoke with Senior Business Writer Linda Bell about her passion for developing people, the challenges in her job and what has kept her at Hershey for three decades.

2024 Top 50 Companies

The Hershey Company

Rank 1

Ranking in the top spot, The Hershey Company’s dedication to promoting belonging for all is evident through its actions. In particular, the company was recognized for its Pathways framework, a 5-year plan to promote belonging in its workplace and communities. Hershey prioritizes growing inclusive programs that support career advancement and development for all.

Michele Buck
Chairman and CEO

“At Hershey, we believe our business is stronger because we bring our value of togetherness to the center of everything we do – it shapes how we interact and engage with one another and ultimately, drives the success of our business.”

Alicia Petross
Alicia Petross
Chief Diversity Officer

“Our business success relies on togetherness and belonging, including many different people within and outside Hershey making for a stronger business and culture.”

From the Company

At Hershey, togetherness is an always-on business capability. Hershey believes its business is stronger when practicing togetherness and has made this value an always-on business capability to fuel innovation, problem-solving and shared success.

Hershey’s people-focused initiatives, like its Pathways framework, robust Business Resource Groups, inclusive recruitment practices and programs that foster career advancement are creating a company culture that enhances engagement, productivity and retention.

Here are some of our company highlights:

  • Our Chairman and CEO Michele Buck leads from the top with a board that is 67% diverse, including five women, representing 45% gender diversity. In 2023, people of color (POC) diversity increased from 17% to 25%, including three POC directors. Hershey’s Executive Committee is 55% diverse, 18% gender diverse and 36% POC diverse.
  • Inclusive recruitment practices ensure we discover the most qualified candidates, and partners results in: Hershey’s workforce diversity increased by 10% since 2019. Tier 1 Supplier Diversity spend increased by 18% in 2023.
  • Hershey maintained pay equity for aggregate U.S. females (four years) and POC (three years).
  • A robust and active network of Business Resource Groups brings together the diversity of thought, interest, skills and experience.
  • The percent of total philanthropic giving increased by 3.5% including our $233 million charitable contribution to The Milton Hershey School. This donation was eclipsed by hundreds of charitable hours given by Hershey employees to coach and mentor Milton Hershey School students including our CEO and our executive committee. Lastly, the U.S. percentage of total giving directed to organizations that support POC increased by 66% and giving to organizations supporting Women of Color increased by 16%.