Career Advice: Shannon Jones – How to Develop Leadership Skills

In this week’s installment of our Career Advice video series, Linda Bell, Head of Content at Fair360, spoke with Shannon Jones, Director, Equity, Inclusion, Diversity and Wellness at Kaiser Permanente (a Hall of Fame company.) Jones shared how the company’s leadership development program helped her grow in her career.

“The Strategic Leadership Program focused not on just increasing my knowledge around business principles and concepts, but I also engaged in a business simulation project,” she said. “We were given curveballs around different things happening in the industry. We had to quickly pivot and change our strategy. That was a really good real-world experience. I’m continuing to apply those learnings to the work that I do today.”

Jones said collaboration is how she developed into an effective leader.

“It’s a key attribute of inclusive leadership. Personally reflecting on my own work, there’s more meaning, there’s certainly more impact in the work that I do when I’m thought partnering with others. When I’m getting diverse ideas and perspectives and allowing others to engage in the process. We certainly can lose focus on the collaboration because it’s key.”


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