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Career Advice: Francisco Martinez-Garcia – How to Be Your Authentic Self at Work

In this week’s installment of our Career Advice video series, Linda Bell, Head of Content at Fair360, spoke with Francisco Martinez-Garcia, Head of Inclusion at Moody’s Corporation (No. 21 on the Fair360 2023 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list). Martinez-Garcia shared advice on taking on a new role, building resiliency and how to be your authentic self at work.

2024 Top 50 Companies


Rank 8

Moving up 13 spots on this year’s list, Moody’s made notable improvements to its pay equity efforts, developed a more equitable promotion pipeline for women and further enabled its business resource groups to drive a culture of inclusion.

Moody's CEO Rob Fauber
Robert Fauber
President and CEO

“We believe that having a diverse and inclusive workforce leads to better outcomes for our customers: it allows us to attract and retain the best talent, it improves our insights and it gives us better perspectives on the incredibly diverse customer base that we serve.”

Moody's Chief Inclusion Officer, Francisco Martinez-Garcia
Francisco Martinez-Garcia
Chief Inclusion Officer

“Inclusion makes us more successful by creating a sense of belonging, because when we listen to every voice, our opinions become stronger, our products more innovative and our workplace more inviting.”

From the Company

Inclusion amplifies our team’s potential, superior business performance and enables us to make a profound impact. As market leaders in exponential risks, we know that true success emerges from inclusion and we recognize the value that every employee’s experiences and perspective brings to the table. We know people work best when they feel heard, valued and respected. Because when every voice is heard, we reach more intelligent decisions. This commitment to an inclusive culture isn’t simply good practice—it’s the future we’re building.

Our inclusion strategy includes five focus areas:

  • A Broader, More Global Perspective on Diversity: We want everyone, everywhere, to be equally involved and supported in all areas of our workplace.
  • Success and Growth of Women: We’re committed to the success and growth of all our employees, including women, by creating pathways for women to grow at Moody’s.
  • BRGs as Cultural Ambassadors: We understand the value our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) bring to our organization—they help drive our culture.
  • Pay Equity and Inclusive Benefits: We continue to increase transparency and clarity when it comes to pay and inclusive benefits.
  • Awareness and Education: We’re committed to continuously finding opportunities to educate ourselves in a constantly changing world.