Cox Boosts Speeds of Low-Income Internet Product by over 65 Percent Across FootprintCox-C2C-ImageAd

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Cox announced today it has increased speeds for the company’s low-cost internet product, Connect2Compete, which is available to families with school-aged children who are enrolled in low-income assistance programs. Download speeds are now up to 25 megabytes per second for all Connect2Compete customers. Upload speeds have also increased from 1 to 3 megabytes per second. The speed increase is automatic, no action is required by the customer to benefit from faster internet speeds.

“We at Cox are passionate about empowering kids with tools and technology to ensure bright futures,” said Pat Esser, president of Cox. “By increasing the speed of Connect2Compete, we help the kids who need it most be more productive and competitive in the classroom and beyond.”

Cox has connected 500,00 people to the internet through Connect2Compete, and over 60 percent were connected to the internet for the first time. Installation is free for Connect2Compete customers and Cox provides a WiFi modem at no additional charge. No deposit is required, regardless of credit score.

In 2017, Cox expanded the program to include free online tools designed to increase digital literacy through the Cox Digital Academy. While internet access is an important first step, digital literacy helps children and families to make the most of their connection.

In 2018, Cox released a survey of more than 1,700 Connect2Compete participants that showed parents agree Connect2Compete:

  • Makes it easier to communicate with teachers and the school (95 percent)
  • Sets children up for success (94 percent)
  • Makes children more interested in school work (88 percent)
  • Makes life easier with the convenience of having internet access at home (97 percent)

Cox has offered a low-income internet program for two decades and has a strong history of exceeding its goals for providing access to technology to students and their families – in the classroom, in the community, and in homes. Through public-private partnerships and a dedicated focus across the entire Cox organization, the company continues to lead the way in closing the digital divide in the communities it serves. By connecting schools, community centers like Boys & Girls Clubs, and homes, Cox is helping create stronger neighborhoods, schools, and cities.