Cox Communications Debuts ‘Grandstories’ Initiative

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Cox Communications, the largest private telecom company in America, launches ‘Grandstories’ just in time for Grandparent’s Day, on Sunday, September 8. The initiative brings grandparents closer to their grandkids by teaching them how to make stronger connections with the people who matter most using social media. ‘Grandstories’ reinforces Cox’s new brand positioning- ‘Bringing Us Closer’ – by demonstrating how broadband connectivity is most powerful when it creates more human connection. The work was developed by180LA for Cox Communications.

“Our Grandstories campaign is the first of many with a goal beyond selling broadband, but rather reminding us all of the human connections that technology enables,” said Gaston Vaneri, senior vice president, brand strategy, Cox Communications. “The campaign  brings that brand purpose to life in a very touching way, as we watch real grandparents learn to use social media to connect, with their grandchildren. Those connections enrich the relationship on both sides and on a very personal level. We hope the stories inspire others to embrace technology to connect with loved ones, especially grandparents, on this year’s Grandparents Day.”

Cox launched their new brand positioning in November 2018, with a focus on enabling more human connection. The company’s new tag line “Bringing Us Closer” is rooted in a belief that life is better when we people truly connect. In a society where online connectivity has often replaced genuine connection, Cox Communications is looking for new ways to inspire people to both reflect upon, and strengthen, the human bonds in their lives and communities.

“Isolation and loneliness is a growing epidemic. Especially among seniors,” stated Mike Bokman, group creative director, 180LA. “Our grandparents have so much knowledge to share, so many stories to tell, so much love to give. They deserve our attention, but our attention is not easy to get these days. So we’re helping to bridge that gap by inspiring grandparents to connect with their grandkids in the place their grandkids are sure to notice — social media.”

About the Grandstories Initiative

Cox Communications trained and mentored seniors in the use of social media, documenting the process from the perspective of both grandparent and grandchild, capturing authentic moments of connection. The grandparents used these new ways to communicate in order to share with their grandkids the things that matter the most to them.

The ‘Grandstories’ films and related assets will be featured in social media and tips to help other grandparents and grandkids get connected are available at This week the company released ‘Seize The Day’ featuring a story about Larry and his granddaughter, Jessica. The additional short films will follow later this fall.


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