Dow Launches MobilityScience™ Platform

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New Platform focuses on material science capabilities, innovation and services to transportation and automotive markets.

Dow (NYSE: DOW) announced its MobilityScience™platform designed to enhance the customer experience by tailoring technologies, products, and services from across Dow businesses to the transportation industry. The platform is pursuing accelerated growth by addressing Mobility mega-trends with material science innovation and enabling a seamless experience for Dow’s customers and partners.

Dow MobilityScience™ is expected to enhance the customer experience by improving service, accelerating innovation, reducing complexity and more effectively connecting customers to Dow’s extensive breadth of products and capabilities.

Mobility Megatrends

The transportation industry is undergoing its most significant transformation in more than 100 years. Digital technologies and the pressing need for a low-carbon economy have disrupted traditional value chains and present a new frontier for material science and innovation – where lighter weight, longer range, greater comfort, enhanced safety, and lower carbon footprint are the ultimate objectives. That is where Dow science, know-how, and people step in – working closely with customers to create the materials that bring possibilities to life.

Dow’s transportation solutions include a wide range of polyolefin, polyurethane, acrylic, specialty chemical and silicone technologies for electric vehicles, hybrids and internal combustion powertrains.

“Society is emerging from a global pandemic that reduced movement of people and goods to the bare essentials,” said Tim Boven, MobilityScience™ Growth Director. “We expect the transportation industry to recover with even more emphasis on sustainability. Dow’s material science and innovation expertise are uniquely positioned to advance lower-carbon and digital solutions across transportation value chains.”

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