Hershey Employees on Women’s Equality Day

Originally published on LinkedIn. The Hershey Company ranked No. 10 on The Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in 2021.


On Women’s Equality Day (Aug. 26), the Hershey Company asked employees how the company creates equality in the workplace.

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“Hershey has demonstrated a strong commitment to diversity and women by ensuring all employees are treated fairly and given the same opportunities and flexibility to develop and grow,” said Angela Wilson, Hershey’s Senior Counsel of Intellectual Property.


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“Hershey challenges you in the best possible way in order for you to develop and grow into the best version of yourself. As a Food Technologist, seeing a company where more women are in science or technology-based roles is not only enlightening but encouraging for the future,” said Elizabeth Hagerman.


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“I am proud to work for Hershey because of the empowerment they have provided me as a woman to take on a leadership role. I am not only inspired by the women around, but also how Hershey continuously invest in gender equality,” said Brenna Keller, Hershey’s District Sales Supervisor based in San Diego.


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