He’s Back and he’s Hydrated: Abbott and NFL Star Odell Beckham Jr. Partner for Pedialyte®

Originally published on Abbott.com

Abbott announced today that it is teaming up with NFL star, Cleveland Browns wide receiver, and Pedialyte® fan, Odell Beckham Jr., to serve as a creative director and ambassador for Pedialyte. Known for more than 50 years as a go-to for rehydration, Pedialyte—which is found in the baby aisle—has, over the last few years, seen unprecedented use by consumers of all ages, including athletes, who rely on it for advanced rehydration.

“I learned about Pedialyte from my mom,” said Beckham, “and since then I’ve been turning to it not just when I am training or playing, but also when I’m traveling, whenever I need it — because it works. Now, I’m excited to tell my fans all about it.”

Beckham will serve as a brand ambassador for Pedialyte, and he will act as a creative director for the brand, contributing to marketing, content and product development.

“The secret’s out that Pedialyte is evangelized by athletes in locker rooms nationwide as a great option for advanced rehydration,” said Chris Calamari, vice president, and general manager, Pediatric Nutrition at Abbott. “And working with OBJ to share that message was a natural choice for our brand. He’s a huge fan of the product, crediting its use to help him in his quest for optimum performance. We’re excited for OBJ to bring his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to the Pedialyte brand.”

Beckham is regarded by many as one of football’s most electrifying players. He was selected by the New York Giants in the 2014 NFL Draft and quickly became a household name. During his career, he earned three Pro Bowl appearances and was named second-team All-Pro twice. Beckham’s dynamic playmaking and star quality will continue to amplify his profile as a rising sports legend and cultural icon.

Pedialyte is the number one doctor- and pharmacist- recommended brand for rehydration, with an optimal balance of electrolytes and glucose to feel better fast. Adult usage now accounts for more than 50% of overall sales. While rehydration relief during illness is still the most frequent reason adults use Pedialyte, the next highest usage is during sports and fitness, attracting high-performing professionals like Beckham and everyday athletes alike.

Pedialyte can be found in the baby aisle in ready-to-drink bottles, powder packs and freezer pops in a number of flavors and varieties, including AdvancedCare Plus, with 33% more electrolytes1.  Pedialyte is available nationwide in most retailers, including Walmart, Walgreens, grocery stores, and Amazon.  Find a local or online retailer here: https://pedialyte.com/where-to-buy-pedialyte?ps-sku=00240.

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