How Companies Support Veterans and Military Families

Each year, November 11 marks Veterans Day, which is a time to pay respect to people who have served in the armed forces. But did you know that the entire month of November is National Veterans and Military Families Month?

About National Veterans and Military Families Month

National Veterans and Military Families Month was first declared in November of 1996 and has since served as a month to observe the sacrifices military families make as they and transitioning veterans help support stronger armed forces and a more diverse and innovative workforce. 

On Nov. 1, the DOD recognized the holiday in a news release and celebrated military families for their contributions. 

“To the nearly 5.2 million service members and families, we celebrate and thank you for the support you give to our nation each day. November is a time to honor our families, but it is also critical to acknowledge the everyday challenges you face,” Patricia Montes Barron, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy, said in a statement

Veterans and the Top 50 Survey

Fair360, formerly DiversityInc is a certified veteran-owned (VA) and disability-owned (USBLN) company. Our Founder and CEO Luke Visconti served as a Naval Aviator for more than eight years on active duty and another 18 months in the reserves. He was a member of the Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel for almost 10 years. Visconti was also Special Assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations, Diversity and Talent Development to the Chief of Naval Operations for four years.

As a company, we recognize the important role military families and veterans play in the workplace. That’s why as part of our annual Top 50 survey, which is the most extensive, data-driven analysis gauging detailed demographics based on race/ethnicity and gender at some of the largest U.S. employers, we ask companies to submit information on programs, policies and practices they have in place for veterans. 

You can read more about the survey here and view the 2022 Top Companies for Veterans list here. 

How Companies Support Veterans and Military Families

There are many ways in which companies can create military-friendly organizations. Some include:

  1. Hiring veterans, military spouses, Guard and Reservists
  2. Focusing recruiting and hiring initiatives on military members
  3. Promoting employee resource groups (ERGs) and other affinity groups for veterans and service members
  4. Helping veteran employees move into leadership roles 
  5. Tracking the outcome of veteran hiring and retention efforts

Raytheon Technologies is an example of one company that’s created a place for veterans and military members to speak up, and in particular, women who have served (Raytheon ranked No. 4 on the 2022 Top Companies for Veterans list and No. 41 on the 2022 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list).

The company has a Women Veterans Leadership Program, which is run by The Mission Continues, a strategic partner in Raytheon’s social responsibility initiative called Connect Up.

The program “helps participants build their professional networks and leadership skills by demonstrating how their military experiences have shaped their values, how their backgrounds can serve as pathways to leadership opportunities, and how to build plans to support causes they find important,” Raytheon writes. 

Rear Adm. CJ Jaynes retired from the U.S. Navy in 2016 and now works for Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business, as an executive technical advisor for its Joint Precision Approach and Landing System, expressed the power peer support programs can have during a keynote address at the Military Women’s Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery over the summer. 

“Sometimes, when I meet fellow female veterans, they feel like no one wants to hear their story,” she said. “Every story needs to be heard. You may have an impact on someone or may make a difference in their life, just by telling your story.

“You have all chosen to make a difference in this world. It doesn’t matter what your passion is or what platform you use — just know that your contribution is important and your impact is powerful. You are empowered to make a difference.”


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