Johnson & Johnson’s Jennifer Taubert on the Company’s Commitment to Inclusion of People With Diverse Abilities

Originally published on LinkedIn by Jennifer Taubert, Johnson & Johnson’s Executive Vice President, Worldwide Chairman of Pharmaceuticals. Johnson & Johnson is a Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Hall of Fame company.


At Johnson & Johnson, the values that guide all we do are outlined in Our Credo. It’s a remarkable document, and its powerful principles come to life through such compelling words as “inclusive,” “diversity,” “dignity” and “respect.”

Consistent with Our Credo values, Johnson & Johnson is proud to become a founding member of The Valuable 500, a group of respected national, multinational and private-sector corporations that are making unique public commitments to drive change by raising the importance of inclusion for people with diverse abilities. As part of The Valuable 500, our commitment includes building a diverse workforce by actively recruiting, developing and supporting people with diverse abilities at all levels of the organization; addressing the needs of people with diverse abilities in the products and services we offer; enhancing accessibility for our employees with diverse abilities; and fostering relationships with organizations focused on diverse abilities.

At Johnson & Johnson, we know that championing the perspectives of all employees is key to driving the innovation that benefits our patients, consumers and customers. Employee-led groups like our Alliance for Diverse Abilities Employee Resource Group (ERG), one of four global ERGs at Johnson & Johnson, help to advance our culture of inclusion by providing colleagues support, education and programming related to diverse physical, neurological, cognitive and mental health abilities.

Employees are at their best when they can bring their authentic selves to work and contribute their unique skills to make a positive difference. We’re proud of our inclusive culture at Johnson & Johnson, and we look forward to continuing the important work we do together to achieve our aspiration to change the trajectory of health for humanity.

Our Valuable 500 commitment to colleagues with diverse abilities builds on our long heritage of diversity, equity and inclusion.