Keimoneia Redish Awarded $110 Million in Damages in Malpractice Suit From St. Barnabas Hospital

Keimoneia Redish, a grandmother from the Bronx, has been awarded a massive settlement from St. Barnabas Hospital.

In 2010, the woman suffered an asthma attack and was subsequently left crippled for the rest of her life. The 48-year-old mom of five was awarded $110 million by a jury on Friday at the Bronx Supreme Court. St. Barnabas doctors failed to transfer her to another hospital after being unable to care for her sufficiently when she had swelling on the brain caused by carbon dioxide.

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Keimoneia Redish, because of her massive brain injury, was hospitalized and confined to a nursing home for almost a year which left her with permanent speech and motor deficits. Redish is now confined to a wheelchair and is now under the full-time of her partner of 26 years, Clarence Darden, a former chef.

“She went through a lot,” he said. “We went through so much, I’m just so happy for her now.”

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Redish commented on the verdict and the situation stating: “I felt numb. I’ve been fighting for so long.”

“I was angry,” she added. “But I put it aside… I came to the reality — I have to deal with it.”

Keimoneia Redish was scrutinized and even made to feel like her condition was somehow her fault by the attorney who represented St. Barnabas Hospital along with Dr. Darryl Adler, Dr. Richard Stumacher, Dr. Abdurham Ahmed and the estate of Dr. Ronald Ciubutaro.

Redish’s lawyer, Richard Gurfein, said his client’s lawsuit centered around the hospital’s poor decision to properly treat her.

“I heard [the defense lawyer] say I fell using the walker because I always tried to walk,” Redish said during her testimony. “But I fell that day because I refused to be down. I don’t want to be this way.”

“She was an amazing mom, the vice president of the PTA,” Gurfein said. “She was the center of the family.”

A simple Google search will detail the incompetence of St. Barnabas hospital. In January 2019, the hospital confused two men with almost the same name and ended taking a man off life support by a woman who was not his sibling.

The substantial lawsuit is fair because Redish will have to have extensive care for the rest of her life.