Louisville Police Officer Involved in Breonna Taylor’s Murder Accused of Harassing and Throwing Drinks at Pedestrians While on Duty

As if things weren’t already bad enough for the Louisville Metro Police Department following the murder of Breonna Taylor during a no-knock raid on her apartment, now comes news that one of the same officers involved in that case has come under fire for harassing pedestrians on the street while on duty.

Natalia Martinez of Louisville, Kentucky’s WAVE 3 News has reported that “Kelly Hanna Goodlett is one of several officers being investigated for allegedly throwing drinks at Louisville residents from police vehicles, according to multiple independent sources within and outside of Louisville Metro Government.” 

Goodlett remains on the police force but has been reassigned while the investigation progresses, according to LMPD police chief Erika Shields.

“It was brought to my attention last week by the FBI,” Shields said during a city hearing on public safety. “I have limited information on this; they are conducting an investigation.”

According to Martinez, “the officers were on duty during many of the incidents that targeted unsuspecting pedestrians. Some of the incidents were [even] captured on video.”

Shields didn’t deny that the videos exist but added that she has not yet seen them.

“My sense is it will be another black eye to the department,” she said. “It’s going to show some very poor judgment by a select few individuals in this department.”

According to Martinez, the LMPD has a long history of racism within its force; the drink-throwing incidents happened when the “9th Mobile Unit” existed, but the unit was eventually dismantled “after numerous scandals and lawsuits claimed residents were being racially profiled.” 

Martinez added that former LMPD Officer Bryan Wilson is also believed to be involved with the drink-throwing incidents. “[Wilson] and Goodlett were assigned to the 9th Mobile Unit at the time,” Martinez reported. “Wilson was [also] arrested in 2020 for allegedly hacking into women’s social media accounts and holding personal photos for ransom.”

When the LMPD’s 9th Mobile Unit dissolved, it was replaced by the Criminal Interdiction Unit — the unit that ultimately murdered Breonna Taylor.

In an interview with WAVE 3 News, FBI spokesman Tim Beam confirmed the incidents are under investigation but declined to comment further.


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