Update: White Man Who Pulled Gun on Black Teens Could Face Hate Crime Charges

UPDATE 1/24: Girlfriend Who Called The Black Teens Thugs Was Fired From Her Job

Dana Scalione, who on MLK day, screamed at and shoved Black teens for protesting was fired from her real estate job in light of Monday’s incident.

They posted it on it’s
Facebook page :

The company also posted that she had been working at the company for seven years. In the responses that followed people calling for her termination and anger toward the company, they posted that, “We have to start respecting and loving one another. We are all human beings no matter of color, religion and beliefs.”

They did ask that people not submit threats as it, “makes all of us no better than the people that hate.”

Many praised the company’s actions, and when one hoped Scalione would not find other employment in the area, the company’s response was: “Let’s hope not.”:


Mark Allen Bartlett has a lot of explanations for his actions toward Black teens on MLK Day, but the video shows everything from him threatening to run over one of the protesters with his SUV, to using racial slurs, to pointing a gun at the teenagers.

Driving that point home, literally, was someone else in the community with a large truck replaying the video confrontation on large screens. On Tuesday, it was
reported that the truck was seen on Brickell Avenue.

In a
statement on Tuesday, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said she was “outraged at the reported acts depicted in the videos taken during this incident.”

She assigned the hate crimes unit chief to “immediately investigate and handle this case.”

“I am committed to filing the appropriate charges and to vigorously prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law,” Rundle said.

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The teens, who ran away from him scared as he hastily approached them with his gun pointed, were participating in an anti-violence effort known as “Wheels Up, Guns Down,” honoring a Philly protest over the death of a Black biker, a few years ago.

And in the opposite spirit of both MLK Day and anti-violence, Bartlett defends his use of the n-word and said he was just trying to protect his girlfriend, Dana Scalione, from the protesting teens she called “thugs.”

He told WPLG, “My first reaction is I have a gun on me. Whether I have a gun on me or not, I’m running to see and to protect my family. I had a gun though. It wasn’t loaded. I ran out there. You can see I never pointed it. I never threatened anybody. I just needed it in case something were to happen.”

Police reports said the gun was loaded. Video shows Bartlett ran up to the group of teens with the gun pointed at them.

“The reason why we use that word, the reason why Chinese people use the word, why Japanese people, European people, the reason why everybody uses that word is because Black people use that word,” he

“So what’s the first thing in my head or most people’s heads Unfortunately, it’s the n-word.”

Scalione, also interviewed, said that she was called names and no one calls the Black teens racist. “I don’t believe they’re racist. I don’t believe they have a fundamental issue with a category of people. They’re angry with me. It’s situational.”

So the use of the n-word by a white man holding a gun pointing at Black teens is just situational. She must not watch the news, ever.


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