Marriott CEO Anthony Capuano: ‘Let Every Voice Be Heard’

Originally published at Marriott International ranked No. 1 on The Fair360, formerly DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in 2020.


At Marriott International, we have always encouraged civic engagement and voting on the local and national level – so our associates have a say about how their communities and our nation are run. We are big believers that voting and access to free and fair elections are fundamental underpinnings of our democracy and reinforce our country’s stability. Our company has for years undertaken associate communications campaigns in advance of elections in the United States, including providing resources on where to register and vote.

My predecessor, the late Arne Sorenson, was a passionate advocate for voting and in advance of the 2020 election, he wrote: “We’ve come quite far as a nation…. And yet after all these years, we are still working towards true equality as many Americans face health and education disparities in their communities, poverty, discrimination and voter suppression. These are battles we must continue to fight. One powerful tool we have is simple. Vote.”

Like Arne, there’s no question in my mind that voting offers a pathway to equity. Access to voting should not be eroded or made harder but rather, enhanced. Expanding access to voting will increase voter participation, strengthen our democracy, and ensure that more voices are heard in our quest to create what the Preamble of the Constitution called “a more perfect union.” We oppose any effort to restrict voting rights or access to polls as contrary to the spirit of democracy.

At Marriott, we have always listened to our constituents, and I’ve learned in my 26 years at Marriott that the more voices we hear, the better off we all are.

A vibrant democracy does the same thing and ensures all voices and votes are heard and counted.