Marriott’s Anthony Capuano on J.W. ‘Bill’ Marriott, Jr.’s 90th Birthday

Originally published on LinkedIn. Anthony Capuano is the CEO at Marriott International. Marriott International is a Hall of Fame company.


My friend and mentor, J.W. “Bill” Marriott, Jr., [turned] 90, an incredible milestone to celebrate.

Like me, many people have deep admiration and affection for Mr. Marriott. Sure, they admire what he accomplished professionally. Perhaps more than the quantitative statistics that define what he and his family have created, what I admire is the fact that without pause every time Mr. Marriott is asked what he is most proud of, he immediately talks about the opportunities he created for others.

The people-first cultural legacy, which his parents started, and he fostered on a global scale, has become central to Mr. Marriott’s success — both personally and professionally. It has carried the company through 95 years, and it is my great honor to now be the torch bearer.

For all the energy that a large company and large family takes, he still had more to give. I can’t tick off everything on the long list of incredibly worthy causes he has supported over the years, but I will mention the Boy Scouts of America, the Mayo Clinic and more recently, and so personally, the Marriott-Sorenson Center for Hospitality Leadership at Howard University.

On top of everything Mr. Marriott has achieved, he has remained a loving son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, uncle and friend. Mr. Marriott has also been a mentor and I count myself lucky to continue to benefit from his wisdom and good counsel.

I know I speak for the hundreds of thousands of associates around the world when I say thank you for your beautiful legacy and reminding us to have fun in business and in life.

Happy birthday, boss!