Mississippi Restaurant Worker Fired for Racist Message After Victim Sought ‘Justice for This Hate Crime’

Alexia Washington went with one of her friends to a Mississippi drive-thru restaurant called Who Dat’s last Friday. But Washington had a feeling something was wrong after they were given their food. She decided to look at her receipt.

“Something told me to look at my receipt,” Washington said, according to WMC Action News. Printed on the receipt were the words “Black b****es in silver car.”

Washington immediately reported the receipt to the manager and the employee was forced to apologize – but that was it. According to a Facebook post, the manager laughed in her face when she suggested that the employee should be fired.

She said she felt “racially ridiculed and demeaned as an African-American female.”

“My car isn’t silver, for one,” Washington wrote in the now-deleted post, according to Yahoo News. “For two, I wasn’t rude. I didn’t have any type of hostility. He didn’t have any hostility with me.”

Washington also said she “wasn’t going to say anything and [was going to] give them the opportunity to do right but nothing has been done,” according to the Clarion Ledger.

“I seek justice for this hate crime and I will no longer remain silent,” Washington wrote in the deleted post. “I’ve lived in Oxford for 5 years and I’m still having to deal with this type of ignorance. I’m not a rude or hateful person. I was not rude when I was at this establishment and was greeted with this kind of service. I will not stand for it.”

Washington’s decision to go public resulted in the employee being fired on Monday and is no longer allowed on the business’s property.

On the bright side, the owner of Who Dat’s, Wylie Coleman, seemed to take the entire incident seriously when he learned of it. He met in person with Washington to discuss the incident, apologize and work on how to move forward.

“From the bottom of my heart I would like to apologize to the young ladies that were attacked by this injustice. We have a lot of work to do as humans and representative[s] of the community,” Coleman wrote on Facebook.


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