Nurses Bail Out Darius Hinkle Arrested After Speeding to Save His Daughter’s Life

A group of nurses in Illinois understand that a parent is willing to go through any lengths to save their child’s life.    

Darius Hinkle’s one-year-old daughter, Demani, was choking on a penny, so he sprung into action to get his daughter medical attention. Hinkle got in the car and rushed Demani to Touchette Regional Hospital in Centreville, Ill. But he doesn’t have a valid driver’s license and had been driving over 100 mph to get his daughter to safety.   

“The first thing in my mind was, ‘get her to the hospital,'” he told WBAL-TV last week. “That’s my daughter. I’m not going to let anything happen to her.”   

Police pursued Hinkle as he rushed to the hospital. Donecia Pittman, Demani’s mother, was in the car.    

“They told us to get out and put our hands up. And I got out, I put my hands up and I yelled and I told the police my baby is choking,” Pittman said. “And I told them multiple times that she was choking. They were just worried about the fact that we were speeding.”   

Hinkle was then arrested and taken to jail.  

But, when nurses at the hospital learned what happened, they decided to chip in money to pay the father’s bond.  

“Somebody was up there and said ‘I am here to bond out Darrius Hinkle.’ and I was looking like I didn’t know who it was,” Pittman told WANE 15. “And, when I looked out the door to see who it was, she spoke and she says I’m the nurse from Touchette Hospital.”   

“I just, I mean, I can’t thank them enough,” Hinkle said. 



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