NYPD Cop Danielle Campo Suffers Workplace Harassment, Assault: Lawsuit

A female NYPD officer is suing the department for sexual assault and refusal to acknowledge it when reported. Danielle Campo alleges she was the subject of a sexual assault by another officer while the two officers sat in her police car. But her higher-ups and union representatives did nothing about the situation.

“You’re going to suck this or you’re going to suck it,” Officer Joe Mercado screamed at Ms. Campo, as he was allegedly trying to sexually assault her.

He was forcing her head towards his lap and when she fought back and expressed how she would not do that, Officer Mercado ripped her clothes off and ripped out part of her hair.

She also suffered harassment from another NYPD officer at the 100th Precinct, Paul Marecki, who sent her straightforward messages like, “You know I’m a foot freak” and when she asked him to stop, he continued.

She was subjected to offensive name-calling by both of the officers, Joe Mercado and Paul Marecki.

By March, the two men referred to her as “whore” and “thunder c—t’.

When Campo took her complaint to her supervisor, all she got was a laugh and a joke made about Marecki. Sergeant John Ringel responded to her complaints by saying, “Oh man, he is creepy… hiding in her backyard in trees.”

Marecki also made a creepy analogy to the movie “The Silence of the Lambs.”

There was also another sergeant and two police officers involved that, according to the lawsuit, refused to act on this situation when Campo told them about the alleged harassment. The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, also known as the PBA, did not act upon this situation immediately to a request for comment.

Repercussions from the multiple harasses were severe. Ms. Campo started to lose her hair after the attack by Mercado, which then lead to a full-body rash, and because of this, she had to go to the doctor and be put on anti-depressants.

Her attorney, Rick Ostrove told The New York Post, “What happened to my client is horrible. And it should never happen, especially in 2019, and especially in law enforcement. How does the police department allow this to go on?”

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