PPG Announces Progress and New Goals In Sustainability

PPG recently announced its near-term 2030 sustainability goals and reported its progress in environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities.

“PPG has long been committed to reducing the environmental impact of its own operations, and we are proud to have validated science-based GHG emissions targets that are in line with the expectations of the Paris Agreement,” said Diane Kappas, Vice President, Global Sustainability. “By raising our sustainability ambitions and increasing sales of sustainable solutions for our customers, PPG is advancing its leadership in the paints and coatings industry.”

The company outlined the following 2030 ESG targets against a 2019 baseline:

  • Setting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets that have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)
  • Reduce water intensity at priority sites by 15% and waste intensity by 25%
  • Reuse, recycle or recover 100% of process waste
  • Fund an additional $5 million towards the Colorful Communities program, with each project incorporating an element of sustainability

PPG also outlined key progress from the 2022 reporting year:

  • Developed sustainable innovations, such as the INNOVEL PRO, a non-bisphenol/non-BPA coating that ensures minimal spoilage and protection for aluminum beverage cans while promoting circularity
  • Collaborated with Steelcase to increase the circularity of powder coatings
  • Improved 2025 diversity, equity and inclusion aspirational goals, including
    • U.S. non-frontline Black talent increased by 19%
    • U.S. non-frontline Latino talent increased by 16%
    • U.S. non-frontline Asian talent increased by 8%
    • 31% representation of non-frontline female professionals

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