PPG Launches New Paint for a New Start Initiative

PPG has launched the New Paint for a New Start initiative, dedicating June, July and August 2023 to completing more than 25 colorful and transformative school makeovers worldwide.

The initiative is part of the company’s Colorful Communities program, which aims to protect and beautify the neighborhoods where PPG operates worldwide.

In its second year, the New Paint for a New Start initiative allows company employees to volunteer their time to transform learning environments.

“PPG employees from every region are coming together once again to protect and beautify schools and learning spaces and inspire bright starts for students. For young students, every day is an opportunity for a new start to learn, grow and develop in a positive learning environment. We are aiming to help them start each day with a positive outlook and create joyful spaces where they feel supported and engaged,” said Malesia Dunn, Executive Director, PPG Foundation and Corporate Global Social Responsibility.

Last year, New Paint for a New Start brought together more than 1,000 employee volunteers and community partners. The participants dedicated about 6,400 hours to transforming classrooms and learning spaces for more than 23,000 students and educators.

“New Paint for a New Start provides students and school infrastructures in need with meaningful changes and resources for fresh starts. This extends to inspiring students to have greater environmental consciousness,” said Diane Kappas, Vice President of PPG, Global Sustainability, and New Paint for a New Start executive champion. “In 2023, we’re also incorporating an element of sustainability into each project, including activities such as recycling materials and supplies, planting trees, environmentally themed murals and educational activities.”