Racist Restaurant-Goer Gets Rebuked by a Black Woman: Video

Mother’s Day mayhem broke out in a Los Angeles sushi restaurant this past Sunday. The incident started when a white man was frustrated by the wait time for a table and called a Black patron a “monkey man.”

The incident ended with a Black woman punching the white man in the face five times.

The video, which was uploaded by Twitter user Ivan Velasco under the handle @IvanCyclist, shows the man being aggressive with staff members and customers.

The restaurant protocol is all electronic, where the customer inputs his or her number and the size of their party.  The perpetrator allegedly witnessed a party get seated minutes after he arrived.

After, he barked orders at the hostess as she tried to explain that there were no tables available. He went on to call her a “dumb b****h” when she told him no bar stools were available and he would have to wait to be seated.

He then told Velasco to “f****g look over there b****h!”

Some other patrons came to Velasco’s defense by telling the instigator to leave the restaurant. One patron happened to be Black so the guy kept shouting “Monkey Man” while making chimpanzee gestures.

At this point, a Black female patron had enough. After failing to deescalate the situation, she hit the man with five clean punches, by this time the cops were called.

The police charged the white male with four citations and gave the Black female, who was cheered by customers, one citation.

(Warning: The video contains offensive language.)


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