Rev. Jesse Jackson Calls on Professional Sports Teams To Diversify Procurement & Supplier Contracts

Sports teams are loved by millions of Americans and each team has a significant impact on the communities they are located in.

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. gave remarks and led a prayer before dinner at the evening portion of the DiversityInc 2022 Top 50 event in NYC.

What’s lacking for many of these teams is the number of employees who are minorities, especially when it comes to procurement services and suppliers, which in turn leads to less money and support going to the diverse range of the people and businesses who make up the communities sports teams are located in. And Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. has something to say about it. 

In a recent interview with DiversityInc leading up to our Top 50 Event, where Jackson gave remarks during the evening portion of the event, Jackson spoke of how sports teams – from the NFL to the NBA and MLB – need to build up the infrastructure of their teams, stadiums, vendors and media partners by employing minorities in their local communities. This could mean hiring a Black-owned restaurateur as a vendor in your stadium or arena or hiring a Black-owned radio host or TV station to cover your events. 

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