Shining a Light on KPMG’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Originally published on by Brandon Hatler, Manager, Corporate and Digital Communications, KPMG U.S.

KPMG’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace was on full display at the recent Great Place to Work For All Summit in San Francisco.

The conference’s theme was “Building and Sustaining High-Trust Cultures,” and it was attended by more than 1,500 workplace and business leaders representing 500 global organizations that, like KPMG, are passionate about creating great workplaces.

KPMG’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Michele Meyer-Shipp was a featured speaker, as part of a panel discussion co-sponsored by KPMG and facilitated by FORTUNE Senior Editor Ellen McGirt, along with other diversity leaders.

Meyer-Shipp provided insight into a variety of topics, including the ways that diverse teams and inclusive work cultures drive innovation and business growth, methods for driving transparency and leader accountability, and the need for organizations to have honest and candid conversations across difference. Importantly, she reiterated that, “diversity and inclusion must be woven into the fabric of everything we do to drive the business.”

Asked about ways to get leaders on board who are not engaged in advancing diversity and inclusion, Meyer-Shipp shared that, “we don’t battle with those who don’t get it, rather we recognize and support those who do. We highlight their successes and the others, left behind, ultimately decide to come along.”

The summit also honored top leaders who are driving cultures that enable individuals to bring their unique selves to work, including Lisa Daniels, KPMG’s San Francisco Office Managing Partner. Daniels was recognized with a Great Place to Work For All Leadership Award for developing and inspiring KPMG partners and employees across the firm, delivering outstanding client service, and building greater understanding and continued growth of the firm’s inclusive culture.

Michele Meyer-Shipp and Lisa Daniels with Michael C. Bush and KPMG San Francisco employees.


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