TIAA Partners with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to Launch CareerPurpose Professional Development Hub

Originally Published by TIAA.

Research shows that people especially millennials are increasingly motivated to find a strong sense of purpose from their careers and prioritize work that can help make a difference in the world. Today, TIAA announced the launch of CareerPurpose by TIAA , in collaboration with LinkedIn. CareerPurpose by TIAA is a first-of-its-kind, digital professional development hub dedicated to providing professionals with the tools that they need to start, or thrive, in their purpose-driven careers at nonprofit organizations.

A 2018 TIAA study found that nonprofit employees and managers are nearly twice as likely as those working outside the nonprofit sector to feel that their personal success is defined by helping others, their community or society (71 percent and 77 percent). Similarly, according to LinkedIn , 61 percent of millennials have grappled with finding a job they are passionate about more than half (56 percent) are looking for advice to figure out their next move, yet don’t know where to go for answers.

Part career coach, part utility and part personal roadmap, CareerPurpose by TIAA acts as a resource for those who want to start a career in the nonprofit sector, and those already employed by a nonprofit looking to enhance their careers. Working with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, TIAA created the CareerPurpose content hub and will maintain the site with much of the content produced by LinkedIn Marketing Partners . LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ Insights team will be supporting the content creation process to create awareness for TIAA’s products and services amongst Millennial audiences.

The hub offers tips and information on a range of topics and enables users to explore careers in a variety of disciplines across the nonprofit sector including education, healthcare, operations, sales, engineering, research, information technology and software.

“TIAA recognizes that more and more professionals are looking for a sense of purpose in their careers, and we built CareerPurpose by TIAA to help meet those needs,” said Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., president and CEO of TIAA. “Inspired by our clients and their commitment to serving others, we joined with LinkedIn to help provide these professionals with every opportunity for success and for the kind of career satisfaction that comes from learning and developing themselves.”

CareerPurpose by TIAA features a ‘Your Career’ section, which guides users through a series of questions to generate personalized content related to the user’s career interests. The site also offers training opportunities and advice from leaders who have found meaningful and fulfilling careers in the not-for-profit space. Visitors searching for a job are seamlessly re-directed to LinkedIn’s search page where they can view specific nonprofit job listings related to their interests.

To visit CareerPurpose by TIAA please click here .