Wealthy White Student Poses As ‘African American Tennis Whiz’, Scores Entrance To Three Universities by Lying

The college cheating scandal continues with the latest deplorable installment in the egregious saga. A wealthy white female high school student gained admission into three prominent universities by posing as a Black tennis prodigy. Her parents, Amy and Adam Bass, colluded with Rick Singer, the mastermind behind the college admissions scandal, to get their daughter into prominent universities. The student referred to as “Eliza,” but according to Adam Bass’ profile in the LA Business Journal, his eldest daughter’s name was Eme Bass.

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The latest deceptive gimmick in an extensive litany of fraud and mendacities unfolded in December 2017, and Vanity Fair first reported the story. Eme was accepted into Loyola Marymount, Georgetown and Tulane universities under the guise of being an “African American tennis whiz” and the first person in her family to go to college. The wealthy family painted the white student as a poverty-stricken Black girl who deserved an opportunity to have a good education. The tale unfolded when an admissions officer from Tulane University contacted Julie Taylor-Vaz, a counselor at the prominent Buckley School, to inform her that Eme earned a spot at the coveted university.

Taylor-Vaz, subsequently, reached out to officials at Georgetown University and Loyola Marymount University and discovered that they also believed Eme was an African American tennis star. They also confirmed that she was admitted to those institutions also. Administrators at The Buckley School called Bass to discuss the falsification of the applications.

Adam Bass, the president and CEO of the Buchalter Law Firm in Orange County, Calif., paid for Singer’s services and then implicated him in the scandal. Bass claimed Singer asked for his daughter’s confidential application information and altered it without their knowledge. Eme wrote letters to Georgetown and Tulane suggesting the same ludicrous explanation.

The universities didn’t accept the reason because third parties should not have had access to her confidential application.

The same false information was found on other applications to universities in California as well.  Eme managed to rescind those forms and reapply without lying. She was finally admitted into the University of California-Berkeley.

Under Singer’s direction, Bass convinced Buckley headmaster James Busby to change his daughter’s math grade from a C-plus to a B-minus.

He has not been arrested nor have charges been filed.


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