Accenture and Mujin Collaborate to Help Clients Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Logistics Industry

Originally Published by Accenture

The end-to-end intelligent service will use AI and robotics to automate and visualize warehouse operations and optimize delivery plan

TOKYO; June 27, 2019 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and Mujin, an intelligent industrial robot controller manufacturer, announced they are working together to deliver end-to-end intelligent service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to help accelerate digital transformation in the logistics industry.Accenture and Mujin will work together to deliver a comprehensive service ranging from logistics planning through technology implementation and operation. Businesses that have a logistics center, for example, will be able to implement a solution with a combination of Accenture’s fulfillment service based on precise demand forecast as well as its deep industry insights, and Mujin’s intelligent robot controller. Through the automation and visualization of warehouse operations, businesses will be able to leverage the visualized operation data to refine logistics plans and optimize delivery plans so that they accelerate transformation in their logistics.

Accenture offers end-to-end service capabilities for digital transformation and will further enhance its AI-powered supply chain management service through the collaboration with Mujin. Mujin develops and delivers level-playing intelligent robot controllers that automate picking of disordered loads and boxing processes based on their motion planning AI. The two companies will combine their insights and solutions to efficiently improve manufacturing productivity and generate new value in line with clients’ business goals and the proper logistics strategies.

“For organizations to accelerate transformation, they need to form broader ecosystems through cooperation with external partners,” said Atsushi Egawa, country managing director of Accenture, Japan. “Mujin, as the world’s leading robot technology provider, is essential to transforming manufacturing industries. Through the collaboration with Mujin, Accenture will strengthen its ecosystems in the AI and robotics fields and further drive transformation for clients. Accenture will also extend this initiative to the manufacturing field, aiming to optimize the whole supply chain.”

“Our mission is to improve manufacturing productivity and quality, and generate new value in the aging society with declining birthrates by giving intelligence to industrial robots and facilitating their use for everyone,” said Issei Takino, CEO, Mujin. “The collaboration with Accenture will be a powerful driver for our mission. We will work with Accenture to bring more values to clients with our differentiated automation technologies.”


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