Addressing the Wealth Gap: Study Shows the Movement Toward Equity Has a Long Way To Go

Equity isn’t limited to equal pay. While the battle continues to get equal pay as a standard for marginalized groups, data shows that it will take a much more concerted effort toward addressing historical issues related to generational wealth.

A study from INROADS looked at the wealth profiles of individuals who had completed the nonprofit organization’s process focused on pathways to corporate leadership for underrepresented groups. It compares the subject’s wealth profiles to that of college-educated whites.

The Importance of Education

The primary mechanism that has been used to address equity gaps has been education, particularly access to higher education. It’s no secret that higher-paying jobs require college degrees, and as more members of marginalized groups have attained a college education and entered the middle class, you might suspect the wealth gap has closed, but that simply hasn’t been the case.

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